Interview: Leonard Hankerson

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is saying following the team's annual spring game.

On position competition:
They all competing for that spot. We just coming out here working hard, working with each and just making plays for the offense.

On quarterbacks stepping up:
The way they are playing right now, I am really comfortable with anything happening. We have the number two or three or however many quarterbacks are coming off the bench that can make the play.

On Kendal Thompkins:
Yeah, he made a nice play. Came in the game, made some plays, catches. He had one drop but it didn't affect him at all, he came back and made catches after catches, him and Travis Benjamin both.

On improvements of wide receiver group this spring:
We improved a whole lot, from working hard together, getting in the film room, staying after practice, running routes, competing with each other, and we stepping it up a level this year and trying to take it to the next level.

On who is most improved of all the receivers:
All of us. We all improved. We've all been working hard with each other, doing what we have to do, coming before practice, staying after practice, and just working with each other, communicating, everything.

On wide receivers rank in the nation:
Number one. Yeah man, nothing lower than that. We gonna work hard, we gonna compete, and we are gonna play with anybody that wanna play, we are gonna play with them.

On things worked on this off season:
Same thing, just little things. The hands, the routes, the same drills we ran last year, keep running them, they will never get old, once you stop doing a drill that's when something happens. We gotta keep doing the same thing over and over and over, repetition.

On whether he still works and will be working with Mark and how much he sees him:
Uh huh, yeah I'll still be working with him. Right now I see him once a week.

On whether he meets him at a park:
Uh huh, yeah.

On Travis's big day:
Yeah, he making plays and running good routes and making catches. All over the field, him and Kendal Thompkins both. Kendal stepped up real big this spring. Kendal made plays today. I'm pretty sure him and Travis both had probably about eight or ten catches each. They had a good day today.

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