Interview: Travis Benjamin

Read on to see what wide receiver Travis Benjamin is saying following the team's annual spring game.

On spring training:
Every year you gotta work on getting better, and I came out in the spring, since its the last game of the spring everybody came in and performed harder, the best of their ability.

On quarterback play:
They're good quarterbacks. They always perform. If there is a quarterback hurt they gotta step up and in case a quarterback go down during the season, they gotta be ready to play.

On receivers having big day and whether they talked about it before hand:
Yeah, because everybody think the receivers like on a downside. But we came out and told each other we were going to compete against each other because we had a Team A and a Team B, so everybody liked competing and seeing who was going to get the most yards.

On throwing a pass:
It's sorta a trick play we put in, in the morning.

On not whether he had thrown a pass before:
One game, the Duke game, my freshman year.

On speed of defensive backs:
Jamal Reid's pretty fast to be a safety. I didn't see him at the angle he was coming, so when I saw him, I kinda picked it up a little bit.

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