Interview: Tyler Horn

Read on to see what center Tyler Horn is saying following the team's annual spring game.

On teams play:
Overall I think we played real real well.

On whether team was limited on their blitzes:
I couldn't tell you. I have no idea, I'm not a defensive coach.

On limited blitzes:
Yeah, that's a typical spring game you know.

On improved players:
I would say Cory White and Jared Wheeler. Both of those guys got a lot better this spring.

On who opened with him on the first team:
From left to right, it went Ben Jones, Harland Gunn, Me, Brandon Washington, and Jermaine Johnson.

On whether Brandon can play either guard spot:
Yeah, exactly. And so can Harland, he can do both too.

On tackle position being competitive:
Oh yeah, it's gonna be a competition. But that's what you love. Coach Stoutland says all the time, if so and so beats someone out, we are a better team, if he doesn't beat him out we are still a better team, because the best guys going to play. So competition fuels everything, that's what this school was built on.

On whether Malcolm Bunche has been a tackle:
I don't thinks so.

On who else has been a tackle:
Besides Cory White and Stephen Plein, I don't know. Malcolm has been primarily a guard.

On who has went against him in practice;
It's been Porter and Regis mostly. Josh Holmes got a little nicked up, but you know Josh is a first team guy, he has been one for three or four years now, so he knows what he is doing, not worried about him. But yeah, Curtis and Regis got a lot better this spring, and they are tough guys to go against, but that's the thing, you play against better competition and you can get better, so you know you look for that.

On how tough it is to keep Porter from gaining traction at his size:
He's a mauler. Sometimes you got to anchor down and you gotta play a little.

On whether it was double teaming Porter during the spring or single coverage:
It's a little bit of both. Mix it up.

On whether he is going to be a tough guy to move:
Oh definitely. He plays low, he is a big guy, strong as you know what, and he's just tough to move out of there sometimes.

On how they performed:
I think we did a real good job. We've got a lot of guys with a lot of experience. God forbid anyone gets nicked up but it would help these younger guys to come in and have to play like Jared Wheeler had to come in and play with the first team. Played for like two weeks straight, and went every rep in practice. You get a lot better doing that, you might mess up here and there, but you get better to getting reps even if you do get beat.

On what he needs to work on this off season:
Just gotta work on, watch a lot of films, pick up different calls.

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