Interview: Adewale Ojomo

Read on to see what defensive end Adewale Ojomo is saying following the team's annual spring game.

On younger players:
Some of the new young guys they developing a lot, they developing. They are coming along.

On receiving corps:
Leonard Hankerson he was big out there. He's the senior leader of the wide receivers. He did some things. Kendal Thompkins, he did some real good things. Travis Benjamin, all those guys did some real good things. We moving in the right direction.

On quarterbacks improving and getting more sacks than the previous scrimmage:
Yeah, we definitely had more sacks, but I think that's attributed to the offensive line. But the quarterbacks, they did a real good job.

On offensive line:
Those young timers, Jermaine on the right side, he's developed a lot since he stepped on campus. I can remember beating him a lot, and it's kinda tough to beat him now.

On whether that make's him feel good or not:
Yeah, I mean competition always brings out the best in me. I'm up for the challenge.

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