Mt. Vernon Ready To Erupt

At 6-5 and 355 pounds, junior offensive tackle Vernon Carey came close to jumping to the NFL a year early but decided to stay in Coral Gables for his senior year and help the Hurricanes get back to the top. He addresses this topic, a position change and more in this interview.

What has your workout schedule been like this offseason?
I have been doing the morning running for an hour a day four times a week. I also work with other offensive linemen on position drills like agility and footwork.

How close did you come to declaring for the NFL draft?
I came close. I spoke to coach Coker in December about it and decided that it was best for me to come back another year. I decided before the bowl game that I was staying. I think I could have left but I preferred to stay.

Does having a son help to motivate you to have a breakout season and improve your draft status so that you can better provide for him?
My main goal right now is to get in the best shape possible. My son is #1 in my life and I definitely want to provide for him but I can't get off track thinking about that only. I need to play each game at my best and things will work out for me.

There has been talk you possibly moving from right tackle. What is your take?
I've talked to coach Coker about it and I really don't know what he is going to do. I prefer to stay at tackle but we'll see what happens this spring.

Any feedback thus far on the newcomers that have been working out?
Alton Wright is impressive. He has a nasty attitude and looks like he came in here in good shape.

Do you plan to take on a leadership role with this being your senior season coming up?
That is one of my goals. I want to be a leader, I have to do it to help out the younger guys.

Who has been impressive in offseason workouts thus far?
Chris Myers is one I think. He had a great sophomore year and I think he'll just get better. He is working hard. I think John Wood is going to be good, he is real coachable. He is always trying to help people out. I think the wide receivers are going to be the power of our offense. Darnell Jenkins, Roscoe Parrish and Devin Hester all look great. I know Dorsey said when he worked out with Hester last year that he was going to come in here and play right away. Overall I think we'll be ready and spring practice will tell a lot.

What is the mood of the team now that the Fiesta Bowl is behind you almost two months now?
I think it is a lot like two years ago when we couldn't play in the Orange Bowl. We've got to get into the grind again and we can't lose in the grind and if we get back to the title game we have to take care of business when we get there.

Are you still on pace to graduate?
Yes, I graduate this summer with a Sociology degree.

What career path would you like to pursue outside of the NFL?
I like to work with young kids in some way. I'm a community type guy.

Who was your childhood team growing up?
The Dolphins. I live by the Dolphins but I've also died by them a lot lately (laughing).

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