Hankerson talks about 2010

Leonard Hankerson will play a key role on Miami's offense this season and he talked about a bunch of things as preseason camp nears. Read on to see everything he was talking about.

On wide receiver corps:
First off I want to say that I am happy to be back on my feet. It's been a long, hard working summer. We've all been working hard and coming along with this process. Now with corps and being a leader, and me being a leader, I'm setting my role as being a leader with the receiver corps, with everybody as a team, and the seniors coming back, we're working hard this summer, hard work in the weight room, and we are all having fun.

On working with Mark Duper Over the summer:
We have been working out the whole summer. I've done caught four or five thousand balls already. We just got finished working out after about forty five minutes to an hour ago. We just got finished working out.

On whether he is doing things differently this year:
Actually I am doing the same things over and over, just repeating them, repetition over and over, it's the same thing. That's getting a little easier than when I first started, but thats the key to it, that when it gets easy, you don't slack off, you keep doing it over and over and that's when you know you become great at it.

On other guys working with them:
Actually there have been a couple of guys that have came up every now and again. I invite them over, they come out and we all do it together. I've been bringing the balls and baseballs out to the field and I get guys together and we work out.

On how well the corps was last year helped coming into this year:
It helped a whole lot. Going into the season we all have the same timing, we're going to run the route and know that the ball is going to be there. It helps a whole lot that we get out there and work on the routes that we will be running, that we are going to run in the game, the routes that we run in practice, it helps a whole lot that we keep getting out there and get reps in, the same play over and over, it helps a whole lot.

On how Jacory looks:
He looks pretty good. We are up there just competing, to throwing us the ball. Other quarterbacks are out there throwing us the ball. It's not only him, we got A.J. and Spencer (Whipple) and (Stephen) Morris. We're all throwing the ball together, we are getting reps, we keep receiving from each quarterback.

On whether he looks different:
It all looks the same to me. We are all out there just getting work in

On whether goals are the same:
Oh yeah, it's been a long process and it's close to being here his four years. It's been a process that we have high expectations, and this year we are feeling really good about our team. We are outside everyday competing hard, in the weight room competing hard, working with each other. We have high expectations every year, we just feel really good this year. We are going to have good things going on, we are going to go out and compete every game, every practice. We are just ready for camp to start, cause we can't start competing in just workouts.

On no excuses this year:
Because we don't need no excuses form anybody. No excuses from the players about why they not doing that, we want no excuses at all. We just wanna go out practice hard, compete with each other, go out play the game and get the job done.

On big wins and staying consistent:
Actually last year we are not looking back on what happened last year. We are looking forward and just keep competing and working hard and improving every game and every play, improve and looking forward to finishing every game and taking it one game at a time and have fun.

On arm band:
Its actually the same band I got on right here on my arm. Green, white, and orange. I am pretty sure everyone has one on the team, I handed it out to everyone so I am pretty sure every player on the team has it. It says live strong. I just like what it says, stay strong and be positive.

On personal goals:
Personal goal is to just go out and win every game, help the team each week to victory, do my all and have fun with it.

On expectations of offense:
Expectations -- we expect to be the number one offense in the country. We have many athletes, we have great running backs, we have a great o line, and we got a good receiving corps. Small guys, big guys, fast guys, and we're going to go out and compete every week, we are going to take it one game at a time. Try to be the number one offense in the nation.

On how everyone reacts to coming back from injury:
After we get out there and practice like we practice, we work with each other. Its all the same, we all working and still competing and we are getting our momentum back around here. We happy and pumped up for camp. It's been going great.

On how Jacory is doing with rehabilitating and being back:
He has always acted the same, even when he was out until now, he still act the same as he's been acting. We just stay together as a team and compete everyday.

On has Jacory looked being back:
He's looking great. The same as always. I don't feel anything different, he's looking great.

On whether Jacory has made all the calls with getting people together this summer:
Actually it's set up by everybody. We all get together, we all talk to each other, cause everybody doesn't have the same schedule everyday. I will call around to the receivers, he'll call around. But as for me and Jacory, we have the same workout at 6:45 until 8:30, and the most of the receivers work out in that group. We all go outside right after working out or some of us will come back in the afternoon because the other guys work out later on, so we'll come back in the afternoon and get the workout going.

On when 7 on 7 goes on:
It has for the past several weeks been Saturday and Wednesday at seven and one.

On Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson being there to help:
Andre, I used to see him working out in the weight room. And Reggie I see every now and then downstairs. I actually saw him today downstairs working out.

On seeing them there and how it motivates to where he wants to be:
It motivates me a whole lot that I can go down there and talk to them and have conversation with them to see that, even though they are at the highest level, that they are still coming back here and working out, getting the work in, and got what it takes to be that great receiver.

On Coach Shannon:
He's a great coach. I am happy to be here with him from the start since he has been here in 07, happy that it has been a great couple of years and with the process it's going good and we are happy where we are at now.

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