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The Hurricanes are set to begin fall camp the first week of August. In the meantime, lets take a closer look at what to expect from the 2010 Hurricanes. Our next look is at the fullback position.


--Patrick Hill, 5-9, 260, Senior

So far: He came here as a Junior College transfer in 2008 and saw immediate playing time. He was the team's starting fullback right away and had a decent season. He played the first three games of 2009 before suffering a season-ending injury. The team missed him, too, as he provided an excellent lead blocker. He applied for an extra year of eligibility and received it.

Outlook: He's a terrific lead blocker. He has five carries and one catch in 16 games so don't expect him to touch it much but the guy can flat out block. He's far and away the team's best blocking fullback so a healthy Pat Hill is very important to the team's success on the ground this season.

2010 Prediction: A couple touches again but his main role is to block for Miami's talented stable of backs. He should do that and do it quite well.

--John Calhoun, 6-3, 235, Sophomore

So far: Calhoun redshirted in 2008 and then played in a few games last season. His main role has been on special teams. He touched the ball twice in 2009.

Outlook: He was likely recruited to help on special teams and he's been able to do that so far and will again do it in 2010. If Hill goes down again, the Canes will likely again move James or even Johnson over to fullback so Calhoun's role there will likely be limited.

2010 Prediction: Special teams guy who sees very little action at fullback is probably the most likely scencario for him.

--Maurice Hagens, 6-1, 225, Freshman

So far: Nothing. The three-star recruit hasn't started yet.

Outlook: The Canes know they probably only have one legit blocking back (Hill) on the team and he's a senior. They had to go out and get another one and that's what Hagens is here for. He'll likely be Hill's backup but using James or another running back there from time to time is more likely than burning Hagens' redshirt.

2010 Prediction: Redshirt. He's third on the depth chart going into his first practice and that doesn't even include guys like James, who could slide over and fill that role at times.

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