Berry has big expectations for 2010

Damien Berry was Miami's top running back last season and big things are expected from the senior this fall. He spoke about a number of topics on Wednesday and was there. Read on to see everything he was talking about.

"Good afternoon, I'm Damien Berry. Summer has been going really great. We 've gelled a lot as a team, I have become more of a leader, and I'm ready for questions."

On being the top running back:
My preparation for the season, I am just going to try to be the best back, but as far as being that "guy", I don't know yet, I still have to outwork Mike and I still have to outwork Coop. I still have those young-ens that still came in, Storm and Darion Hall, so I still have to work hard.

On having more playing time compared to last season:
I have to prepare myself to be more of a total back that can play all four downs, that can pretty much do it all.

On what he has tried to improve on the most during the off season:
Mostly just being a team player and being a leader, blocking, the total back stuff. All that stuff.

On having new guys on the offensive line and whether that is an issue:
Not at all. I think I got the best, I know I have the best O-Line in NCAA. I feel that Orlando being the leader that he is and Figueroa will get the job done.

On whether he feels he is #1 on the depth chart going into camp:
I really feel like we all just got to work hard and work for that number one spot. We just got to continue to work and we'll push each other. If I am the number one guy, I'll be the number one guy and I'll show up on the field.

On whether O-line takes the questions about them being an issue personally:
I know they take it personal because someone talked to me about it, telling me what we got to do this year. That's just something that is going to motivate us for this season. We do have to get better but our O-line is great, that is what people fail to understand. I know that we have the best O-Line in the NCAA.

On when he began to feel comfortable last season in his permanent position as a running back:
It really started to click on me, I think during the Duke game. When we were down and I just felt like this is what I wanted and this is where I want to be. It's time to go, lets get it.

On growing pain in transitioning as a running back:
There were plenty of growing pains because of the switch of offensive coordinators and stuff, going through the playbooks and stuff, but not really that much as far as physical.

On difference between offensive coordinators Mark Whipple and Patrick Nix:
They are both great offensive coordinators. Coach Whipple just ran a more pro style, and Coach Nix ran more like spread.

On having to prepare body for more of a load:
I think Swasey is doing an excellent job of us getting us in shape. I think I am prepared for the season and however many carries I get this season. I am stronger. I feel faster. I haven't done the 40 test yet, but I am definitely stronger.

On whether he has paid attention to the negative things happening with other teams:
I'm not really worrying about what is going on on the outside world. I'm really just focused on what's going on here. Coach Shannon is doing a great job of telling us not to mess with agents and not to take anything from them and that they can't really do anything for us. It's been a continual message.

On how much his blocking has improved going into this season compared to last:
My pass protection has always been OK, but I want to be great because the less Jacory gets touched the more chances we have at winning games.

On what he has worked on to improve his blocking:
Knowing more of where I need to be at this particular time.

On how refreshing it is to not have go through a new offensive coordinator this season:
I think it's great because we have a chance to teach the younger guys on the stuff that we know coming in from last season. Some of the last times it was trying to teach them stuff we didn't know.

On whether there were times last season where he didn't know where to be or what was going on offensively to where this year you have a much great understanding of the offense:
I know the whole offense like the back of my hand. I knew the offense last year.

On whether there has been a whole lot added offensively or if it's mostly the same:
Everything is basically the same, just switched a few words.

On expectations this year:
My expectations are to be great. Not only good but to lead in passing and rushing and all that.

On freshmen running backs:
Eduardo is more of a shifty, quick dude. He reminds me a lot of Clinton Portis. He's a character. Darion is more of a quiet guy. He is more in-tuned in learning, trying to learn every detail. And Maurice, he is just sitting back with Pat just trying to learn the offense.

On whether Eduardo will wind up out there like Clinton Portis with the big sunglasses:
I don't think he'll take it that far but he sure is a jokester.

On who has the fastest straight ahead speed out of the two freshman running backs:
You'll have to go to Swasey on that one. I really don't know.

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