Byrd talks 2010: Part 1

LaRon Byrd will be a key piece to Miami's offensive success this season and the talented junior talked about a number of things below as fall camp nears.

My name is LaRon Byrd. Sumer is going really great so far. We are here as a team, working hard, gotta compete for this big thing this year.

On what he has done to raise his game:
Everything. I really criticized myself a lot last year. I look at mostly every game we played last year, all twelve of the games, regular season games, and I criticize myself a lot. A lot of the mistakes and miscues that I made I went back and corrected this summer. I think I did a fine job of that in the spring, but I definitely capitalized on my advantage and opportunity.

On what he concentrated on correcting most:
Definitely everything from releases, getting off release quicker, having quicker feet off off of the line of scrimmage, sinking my hips deeper into the routes. I am a big guy so if I can get my hips good like Travis Benjamin I will be great.

On whether he has worked with any NFL players this summer:
No. A lot of the guys come and work out. They give us points and views from a mentor perspective, but I have never had a chance to work out with any of those guys yet.

On sharing the ball on the receiver corps:
Well, definitely. When you look at it, when we came in as freshmen everybody I guess was like the go-to guy from their high school programs, so of course you are going to come in like I want the ball. Once Coach Shannon installed it in our minds that this is a team game now, it's not high school anymore, it's not about the rankings, not about that, it's all about championships, I think we started to get a good grasp on that. If I feel like Leonard Hankerson can go out there and catch six balls for a hundred yards and we win and Travis Benjamin can do the same, hey we got the W at the end of the day. If I go out there and catch seven passes for a hundred yards and we lose it kinda defeats the purpose. At the end of the day I think we know who's just best for us, what's best for the team and we are all for it.

On Jacory:
When we first came in, it was like no one was really comfortable with each other because you have guys coming from different states from recruitment but after hanging around each other for these years it's kinda like a brotherhood. So now, it's not about, I gotta go out there and be a forceful leader, it's like these guys look up to me now, and that's how we do. We look up to him as our leader. We count on him throughout the season and he counts on us.

On what former Canes have been around that have offered him advice:
During workouts, Andre (Johnson) comes and works out. Reggie Wayne he comes to work out. Also Jonathan Vilma, he works out for the summer. Those guys definitely. Take every play as your last, you never know when it's going to be your last. Approach every route, no matter whether you are getting the ball or not like you are. Run everything at full speed. I think that's kinda what hurt a lot of people throughout the years, from every team. Like guys that aren't getting the ball that don't really run their routes, and it kinda is determined when people watch the film. People key on those plays.

On not living up to the hype last season:
You know it was kinda hard. It's like with anything. When you get a lot of accolades, of course you are going to get big headed. We are all teenagers and we are humans at the end of the day, but you gotta realize what the most important goal is. It's not about individual awards, it's about the team goals and the team goal is a championship. I think we know that now and we are definitely going to be focused on that this year.

On whether the approach will be different this season with not letting the hype affect the team as it did last season:
Well definitely. We are not trying to look at any of that now. First thing is Florida A&M and that's who we gotta work on. I think that one hurt us last year. Last year we looked at our first four games, and they were our hardest games and once we completed those we went 3-1, and we were like "We are going to go to the National Championship." That kinda hurt us down the road. So now we gotta take every game, one game at a time. We aren't looking forward to Ohio State, we know what we gotta do to prepare for those guys, but we are focused on Florida A&M right now.

On how Jacory is throwing:
He's doing good. I think from spring camp, by him rehabbing throughout the spring, him having some time to rest that hand, he's did good. During the workouts right now, he is doing great. He's throwing the ball back like old Jacory, I never really see like he missed a beat.

On whether Jacory's deep ball strength is there:
Yeah, so far yeah. We completed a lot of deep balls. As a matter of fact, this summer, we completed a lot of deep balls. Every guy is catching. You've got Allen Hurns, a freshman that came, and he is catching a lot of deep balls. Davon Johnson, he is doing really great things now, also Kendal Tompkins. So everything is there. Every quarterback -- Jacory, Spencer, and Stephen -- those guys are doing really big things.

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