Byrd talks 2010: Part 2

LaRon Byrd will be a key piece to Miami's offensive success this season and the talented junior talked about a number of things below as fall camp nears.

On transitioning from a young team to a more experienced team with expectations:
Me personally, I never felt that we were a young team, because once you are at the college level you should be able to compete, freshman, junior, or senior it doesn't matter. It leaves a space for no excuses, that's why we wear those bands that say have no excuses. So now it's like no excuses. What can you say now if we don't win? You can't say "Oh we were young, oh it was a miscue." We have got to capitalize on all cylinders and get this thing rolling.

On whether they feel they are better prepared to handle adversity:
Definitely. We are gaining experience, so of course. When you come in as a fresham, the inexperince at the college level, of course you think you know it all. Everybody thinks they know it all, but once you get a lot of coaching, a lot of game experience, everything is fine. So I think we are ready for any challenges ahead of us.

On whether any young dbs have stepped up that have covered him on the team:
Oh yeah. I think one guy that has stepped up big has been Brandon McGree. He stepped up real big. I don't know what he did, I don't know if he went and got some surgery on those hips that got him really flexible, but he is doing a great job out there. He is flipping his hips great. Brandon Harris, Jamarcus Van Dyke, those guys are doing real great also. The freshman that came in, they make freshman mistakes, but at the same they are getting better each and every day.

On Keon Payne:
Keon Payne, he is real good. I think he had like two picks one day. He had two picks, so that goes to show you that he has great hands and has great awareness. We are looking for big things between every last one of them. We are looking for everyone to come in and contribute.

On what freshman he feels are more ready to match up with college receivers:
It's just workouts right now. Until camp starts you can't really evaluate that one until the pads go on. As of right now I think everyone is on an even slate.

On question on issues with offense:
I really feel that we can be great. The only thing that can stop us is us really. If you look at last year, the only thing that stopped us was us, as far as, you look at the offensive line. You can't really blame them. A lot of the times, it's like the offensive line didn't block. Sometimes it may be the receiving, like you aren't getting off of routes fast enough, receivers not breaking fast enough on the ball. It's a multitude of things. So I definitely think that we can be great. The only thing that can stop us is us.

On average fan wondering how so many skill players are going to be able to play and if that's a good problem to have:
Yeah. I think so. It's a good problem to have because if someone goes down you always have that next person that can step up. You never want to be in a predicament where you have a star running back, and once he goes down it's what are we going to do. I feel that at every position, you know like at quarterback, if Jacory goes down, I feel confident that any one of those quarterbacks going in can do the job like he does. Same thing as running back. If Graig Cooper or Damien Berry go down, I feel like Lamar Miller and Mike Jans can do the same thing also. As long as you have that, there is nothing to worry about, when you have depth.

On what that has caused with competition at practice:
It just elevates it. You could be starting on August 4th, the first day of camp. You could start August 4th and August 5th you could lose your job. Everyday you just gotta go out there with your hard hat and your lunch box and grind.

On back up quarterbacks:
All of those guys bring something different to the table. And all of those guys have football in their blood. You look at A.J. Hiseman, his daddy was a great guy here, he was a great running back. Like A.J. he has a lot of dual threat ability. He's very smart, he has a high football iq, he knows the game. You look at Spencer Wipball, his daddy is the offensive coordinator, so he has no chose but to know the offense. He is lining guys up, lining tight ends, running backs up. His football iq is like off the charts. He knows the game, he's very composed, he doesn't really get pressured a lot, he sits back and observes everything. Steven Marsh, he's a freshman, but at the same time he makes big plays. He hits tight knit throws, he throws the ball tight into coverage, he can throw the deep ball. He has a great arm. I think all of those guys bring something different to the table that could really help this team.

On how much he pays attention to the negative stories coming from other teams:
Firstly, it's kinda crazy. You look at things like that, like guys, I really feel like that it's guys that are being selfish, not looking out for the team, and that is something that we always instill. It's all about teamwork here. I would not put my teammates in danger and in jeopardy of losing games or damaging this program because I want to be greedy and take gifts and take things.

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