Telemaque ready for 2010 (Part 2)

Vaughn Telemaque was a starter as a freshman last season and has high expectations heading into this season. Read on to see everything he's talking about just before fall camp begins.

On what they have to do to compete with other BCS teams in their division:
Just buying in understanding what we have here as a team. If you understand the pieces to the puzzle, you are going to accomplish the puzzle. So basically if we are all buying in and we are all in an understanding that we feel as a team that we are the best team out there and we go through the process of each game at a time, one game at a time, then that's how it's going to happen. It doesn't matter if we are 13-0 or 0-13. This year is our year. We are looking forward to this year. We aren't looking in the past or too far ahead, we are looking to right now.

On if there is competition for spots between him and Ray Ray at free and strong safety:
We consider ourselves safeties. As the defensive backfield, we just call ourselves defensive backs because a lot of us are able to play corner, a lot of us are able to play nickel or the dime position, or go back and play safety. So defensive backs wherever the coaches need us, wherever we feel like we are the most comfortable, wherever we can make the best happen for our team, that's where we can play. So me and Ray Ray we could switch up either way. You can just call me the free safety, you can call me the strong safety, call me the corner. Call me whatever you like.

On competition being harder this year:
Competition is everything, you know that's the greatest thing about what we have right now. We have a lot of competition, so our practices could be a lot of our games. You know if we practice the way we play we should be fine. Competition and as long as we don't worry about who gets the credit, everything should be okay.

On how good Allen Bailey is:
We appreciate Allen's silence, because you know he could probably be the big ol' beast everybody thinks he is, but he's a really good guy, genuine guy. And he cares about the team and he understands what his role is on the team, and he understands what other people's role is on the team. As he's been here through his four years, he's grown. As far as his potential, we'll never know. Allen Bailey could be the best that anybody has ever seen come out of Miami University. So much big things for Bailey, and it's all through him.

On him returning to school:
Yeah it was a big deal. You know that's a big force on the defensive linemen and also shows us that going to the NFL is not going to be everything. You come back for your four years. Enjoy your college career, enjoy the college atmosphere, enjoy winning football games, enjoy being commodore with your team. You know Allen's been preaching that through silence. You know I'm here for everybody, for all four years. I wasn't trying to be nobody, it was no secret about anything. I was open with the team, he was open with the team. He's just a big play guy, he just wants to be a winner. He wants to be remembered as a national champion or ACC champion. He wants to be remembered for something higher then I just did, three years and I went to the NFL.

On who is vocal leaders on the defense:
Colin McCarthy. He's a big vocal guy. Also Sean, Sean loves to talk. Sean loves to get us pumped up. Brandon Harris. Brandon Harris is a great leader, definitely in the defensive back. He has a lot of experience. Micanor Regis has been stepping up, letting us know. And I try to be vocal leader like I said. I'm trying to be leader whatever way I can.

On how good the receiving corps is:
No really, how good could they get? How good does it get? You don't really get that everywhere, so you gotta love that. I love it personally that there is no way to really hide from any wide receiver. Any wide receiver will call you out, any wide reciever will try to show you out so I just love it. I love to be around this group. We feed off of each other, we compete everyday. Like I said the way we compete in practice, it should be like a lot of these games, it should be highly intense, just going at it.

On whether he worries about any other receiving corps on Saturdays:
Honestly, this receiving corps has so much more potential that no one has really seen so I don't really think so. There are some great receiving corps out there, but I think we got the best one.

On who has been looking good at the seven on seven:
B Harris. You guys are going to love B Harris this year. This guy is taking his game to a whole other level, improving from last year. Damien Berry is out there catching balls out of the backfield and having a good time. I like to check out the lineman sometimes. I see Orlando Franklin out there helping the young guys out, being vocal out there with the young guys. I like to see Boom as you call him, Marcus Forsen out there being vocal with the young guys, making his comeback now. A lot of guys, in seven on seven, the quarterback play has been good. Spencer Whipple has been good, Morris has been good. There is a lot of guys competing and just trying to get better.

On what receivers he can't cover:
I can cover all of them.

On who is standing out at receiver:
All of the receivers. I really like how our offensive coordinator can use all of them as versatile as they are and in any type of way. Hankerson can go deep and the next thing you know he runs a screen. I really like to say Hankerson is going to be a standout this year once again. LaRon Byrd is going to be a good change up for everybody. I really like Kendal Thompkins. He has like this cool, little quite swagger about him but real shifty, real knack for the endzone. He is just going to make big plays for us.

On why there is going to be an increase in interceptions this year:
For the lack of interceptions, maybe that is execution. I think we are more ok with trying not to give up the deep ball, jumping the short routes or jumping mediocre routes. I think that's going to be a big plus for us that we got a lot of guys with experience and a lot of guys that have seen trying to go deep, trying not to get beat deep. So now it's like take chances, go ahead and be loose and have fun. Play football, play like you are in your backyard, play like you are just with your brothers like we normally do on the seven on seven or at practice.

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