Spence discusses 2010 (Part 1)

Sean Spence is expected to play a key role in Miami's defense this season and he talked about the upcoming season so read on see everything he's talking about.

On the offseason:
The offseason thus far has been going well. Everybody has been buying into what we are trying to do in the weight room, working out hard, training hard, just trying to get better as a team.

On whether the linebacker corps is an area of concern:
No one feels that way. Being a fellow linebacker myself, we are pretty young at the linebacker spot right now, but we have a couple of guys that we brought in as freshmen that we are looking to bring along. They are looking to learn everyday, coming and asking about plays and what they can do to get better.

On who is the best among the freshmen group:
Right now it's too early to tell. We'll probably know more by camp, but all of them so far are looking pretty good.

On Colin McCarthy being more vocal:
Yeah. Colin has always been a guy who speaks out but I think this season he's really taking it among himself to do that, that vocal leader that the defense needs. We're just feeding off of him because he is just a great leader and he also backs up on the field. He don't just talk and say hey guys, he leads by example.

On how well Jordan Futch has been since he has been back:
I can't really comment and say what his health is like but as of right now he's looking good. He is out there running everything full speed, doing these drops and things like that, breaking up on the ball. He's looking pretty good.

On whether they are prepared to handle this season compared to last:
Yeah, there is always a high expectation at Miami. This year I think we have a really mature team. We have a great schedule. We just looking to take it one game at a time, focus on each opponent during that week, not overlooking anyone.

On what they have to do to play well at the linebacker position:
First of all, trust each other, believe in each other, believe that guy is going to be there to make that play. Colin is doing a great job, also he has been a motivator -- a senior linebacker, showing high things this year.

On whether he will play strong or weakside:
I'm not sure right now. We pretty much in change on both sides. Sometimes I will be at strong sometimes at will. I'm not sure. It really doesn't matter.

On how he feels playing at weak or strongside:
I feel pretty much the same at both, being that I played both sides, so it's not a big difference. One side, you have a tight end, then on the weakside you are free, you don't have a tight end.

On how Jacory has developed:
You know, Jacory always been Jacory. Very calm person, hard to piss off, but he is looking good out there throwing a couple balls with receivers They are getting their timing and things down, but things are looking pretty well for them.

On how Jacory has responded to having to watch while injured:
You know Jacory is a player. Basically he has been playing on screen. It kinda ticked him off a little but he was doing things to get better like taking mental reps, just helping A.J. out, you know things like that, just to make the team better.

On if things are different with him since high school:
Na, we have been together so long it's hard to tell what's different about him. He hasn't changed. I say that's a good thing.

On leadership of Jacory and if he has became more vocal:
You know Jacory, he's not such a loud guy. He is a guy that leads by example. He's like one of the quiet mouses of the room. He leads by example and everybody respects him on the team because of the things he does.

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