Spence discusses 2010 (Part 2)

Sean Spence is expected to play a key role in Miami's defense this season and he talked about the upcoming season so read on see everything he's talking about.

On who has elevated their game this offseason:
It's hard to think. We have been working so hard. I would probably say Marcus Forston. He had an injury last year, had to sit the whole season, but he really has been coming back, working hard, putting in extra work in on the field and in the film room. Just trying to get better.

On how much credit they give to the defensive line:
A lot. That's for all our d-line. You need a d-line. The d-line helps the linebackers, and the linebackers have to help the secondary. So we need all of us to mold together to be a great defense.

On what the process was to helping Forston get through rough times last year:
You know just helping him, trying to tell him not to get himself in a shell for the season. I think he has matured and grown up, and he has put it behind him.

On what made Forston go into a shell:
You know he has never been hurt, been sidelined the whole season. It kinda takes a tole on you. It was something new for him, something he had to adjust to, had to know that it comes with the game.

On how he got his confidence back:
Well, off season workouts, working hard, putting in extra work.

On what kind of difference he can make:
He is very athletic, quick, strong, explosive. Help us in the run game, help us in the pass game.

On how important it is to believe in yourself as a player:
It's very important. It all starts with yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, you are not going to have much else. Believing in yourself helps a lot.

On which position he feels more comfortable at:
It's pretty much interchangeable. I'm not going to say I'm comfortable at one spot, I'll play both. I'm not one to say hey I want to play at a certain position, it doesn't really matter. I just want to do what I can to help this team win games.

On if his situation was similar to Marcus':
You know it was the same thing with me. I got hurt, but you know I had to grow up and say hey it comes with the game. Talking with some of the older guys like Darryl Sharpton, who dealt with injuries, he told me to keep my head up that things like this happen but there will be better days.

On how confient they are going into this season:
Very confident and ready to go.

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