Figs talks new role, 2010 (part 2)

Senior Joel Figueroa, a starter at guard the last two seasons, was recently moved to right tackle and he talked about that move, the upcoming season, and more below. Read on to see everything he's talking about.

On how Jermaine Johnson is doing:
He's doing real good. All the players are doing good. Everybody has just got to get in the play book and keep executing. We've had a nice summer workout. He's been working hard, getting a lot stronger, and learning the playbook. So he has been doing good.

On Benjamin Jones:
Yeah, same thing. We bring those guys together and we talk. As long as they keep getting stronger and learning the plays, they are going to be alright.

On how he is feeling physically and not being able to play in the spring:
Of course, I felt kinda sad that I wasn't playing, but at the same time it gave me the opportunity to see the field from a different perspective that I wasn't on the field. I felt more like a coach and I could tweak the other players, help other players out, and in turn help the team out which helps them compete and helps make me a better player when I get back in. I learned a lot from the experience, and I feel it's only helping me. It would be better if I played, but still I took a lot from it and I learned a lot.

On whether he feels he is ready to play:
Yeah, I feel I am ready to go.

On what he was with the team:
I played a lot of different roles. I started on the left side and moved to the right. I don't have any problems with coaches or anything, I do whatever they ask of me. If this is the best choice for the team, I am ready to take on this role.

On allowing sacks last season and what they can point to as a unit caused that:
As the offensive line it is unacceptable to give up sacks. Again it wasn't just the offensive line, it was us as a team. We had backs that played a part in this. It's bigger than the o-line. We talk as an offense and we are going to make sure this doesn't happen again and we are working hard to make sure it doesn't.

On if the offensive line is taking it personally a little:
Yeah, we definitely do. It gets me mad when it happens, but you know it happens. It's football and we have to get better.

On whether he has talked to Jacory about it:
No, the one thing about Jacory is he is just a guy that if we give up a sack or he throws an interception, whether it was his fault or our fault or not, he is one of those guys that knows things happen in the past, you can't live in the past and dwell on it, cause it will affect how you play in the future.

On Jacory and how he has grown going into this season and how other defense know of him being injury prone and how they will be coming after him because of that:
That's the mentality of any d-lineman. I feel they try to take any quarterback out regardless of injuries or not. We have a great quarterback, he has great instincts, he is real mobile and we are going to protect him to the best of our ability, that is why we are putting the most experienced guys on the outside. Being Orlando at left and me at right.

On transitioning from a mauler to more of a finesse player on the outside:
Coming out of high school, I was whiffing a lot of blocks, coming over here, because I was thinking the guys in college are bigger and stronger so I had to be more aggressive and I learned that that didn't work, that I had to control my aggression at guard in order to be successful and I feel like I have done that and now I have to do it just a little bit more and get it right at tackle.

On whether he is excited about Ohio State:
No doubt it's a big game but we have a tough schedule. We have a lot more teams that are tough all season. I'm looking forward to playing with those guys. They have a good set of defensive ends and it will be a good test for us.

On whether he watched the championship game last year:
No, I didn't watch the championship game but again we are trying to make history here. I'm not really worried about the championship game. None of them are on the team, we're on the team. None of us are on their team.

On who is starting from left to right:
Just the guys that have been playing. We got Orlando, Gunn has been playing a lot. I really don't know. It's too early to find out. All I know is my role. They moved me to the tackle spot and I don't even know if that is guaranteed. Everybody competes, and whatever happens in the end, is who is going to start.

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