DVD talks upcoming season (part 1)

Senior cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke has been a starter since his freshman season and now he's being counted on to be a key piece of this year's defense. Read on to see everything DVD is saying about the upcoming season.

On the offseason:
The offseason is going really good right now. We are getting in with Coach Swasey. We are going to film study, the DB's, linebackers, D-Line are going to be better this year. Offense, receivers, tight ends, everybody is doing a little film work. So this off season has been good for us.

On whether things are different with this team compared to past off seasons:
This is a close type team this year. All the guys go out as a part of each other and watch film together and balance our routine this year.

On how he has progressed since his freshman year:
Just helping my team win games, just by that. Every day Coach Shannon asks me to do something better so I did what I had to do.

On whether he is bothered by the lack of interceptions from him and the whole secondary:
Not really. We just have to win games, and our defensive line and linebackers help us out with interceptions too.

On what he feels caused them to not have a lot of interceptions:
It's a process. It starts with the d-line and then the linebackers and the secondary. If the d-line gets pressure and the linebackers are getting their drops, DB's get interceptions. It's a process.

On how much easier it makes it as a unit for having the same defensive coordinator for more than one year:
We've played with each other for three years. I guess the d-line and the linebackers, they know the scheme inside out because it's the second year with Coach Lovett like you said, so it's kinda good for the secondary because Lovett, he's the turnover king. At the second year around, you get your feet wet the first year, and the second year you start to master the defense that he wants to play.

On who has elevated their game this summer in the secondary:
Vaughn Telemaque has come along good this year. This summer in the seven on seven and in the workouts like that. I expect him to have a big year this year.

On what is different about Vaughn Telemaque:
His maturity level. He's always been a hard worker, so he is working harder than he was his freshman year and more interceptions and stuff like that.

On having him as a safety has helped him as a corner:
Yeah, it helped me out a lot because knowing I have a safety who is real rangy, so I can take chances because I know he has me over the top. I'm comfortable playing cornerback this year.

On calling Lovett the turnover king:
Because he preaches turnovers everyday in practice. North Carolina they had like seventeen interceptions, like every year they were leading the ACC in interceptions so that is why I call him the turnover king.

On whether he thinks teams will try him more:
That'll be good for me and Brandon because that's work for him and work for me. It's pretty good because Brandon is a great player, he earned it, worked hard everyday during practice so him being a Jim Thorpe candidate is not surprising to me. So they can try me and see what happens.

On his progression since he was a freshman:
Every year I got mature and I can understand the process of being in college. In high school you tend to dominate every play so when you get beat it's like ‘awe man' and you kinda down yourself, but I know that I am playing against the best of the best so I gotta play, I gotta go to the next play and never worry about it.

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