DVD talks upcoming season (part 2)

Senior cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke has been a starter since his freshman season and now he's being counted on to be a key piece of this year's defense. Read on to see everything DVD is saying about the upcoming season.

On how beneficial having Ed Reed around is:
It helps out a lot because he is an All-Pro safety. He teaches the safeties how to get to the ball, read the offense and stuff like that. The cornerbacks we have Mike Rumph, Philip Buchannon, those guys come back and help us out. The guys from the past can help the present out and it helps out a lot.

On how the defensive line's experience will help out the secondary:
The d-line gets pressure, the secondary benefits. We get a lot better with the receivers and the d-line benefits. It goes hand in hand. But the d-line, they did good during the spring. Allen Bailey, Marcus Forston, Ojomo, Olivier Vernon; them guys did good during the spring, so I expect big things from guys this year in the upcoming season.

On higher expectations:
Every year has been a process. Our first year we went 5-7, my second year 7-6, my last year, my junior year 9-4. It's a process, so we just gotta go out there and play our game and not worry about the expectations and what everybody wants us to do and just worry about what Coach Shannon and the coaches want us to do.

On who has impressed on offense during the seven on seven drills:
All of them guys are great. It's up in the air.

On whether any receivers are becoming very hard to cover:
All of them are great receivers from Hankerson all the way down to Allen Hurns. All of the guys can play. We have great receivers here. Those guys have been together for two or three years, so the rotation is pretty good.

On how much it helps that the secondary has good speed:
It gives us confidence. I know for the cornerbacks it gives us confidence that we can run with any receiver, because those guys in the ACC, that's the fastest track conference out there. So it gives us that confidence to go out there and play with any football player cause we know we can run with those guys in the ACC track conference.

On whether he ran the 40 a couple of weeks ago:
Oh na. That was the freshmen but I didn't read any of their times. My freshman year I was timed. It was a 4.3 flat. I think I have gotten faster but I haven't been timed yet. It's all my freshman year stats.

On who the leaders are vocally on the defense:
I would have to say Colin McCarthy. He carries a chip on his shoulder everyday and when it gets tough you will hear forty four's mouth. I think he's the leader on defense. The vocal leader.

On what guys are in the mix in the secondary for the nickelback position:
You'll have to ask Coach McGriff about that. I don't really know about the nickelback situation right now. Coach McGriff will give a better answer than me.

On whether he watched the Ohio State national championship game growing up:
Yeah, I actually watched that game. I was in my living room watching it. I kinda cried when they called that interference flag on Glen Sharpe. It happens though. So you can't have the guys on the defense call the game for you. You have to win the game in those sixty minutes and you'll be alright.

On whether it gets him excited knowing he gets to play them again:
Yeah, it gets me excited because now I have the chance to be in a legendary game like this coming up soon.

On what it's going to be like being there:
It's going to be a great environment. I know that it is going to be red and grey everywhere. It'll be a good game for us.

On what he can say about Jacory:
Jacory is a real mature guy. He has been a humble guy, quite, leadership on and off the field. He's a great kid.

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