Day 1: Shannon recap

The Hurricanes opened preseason camp today and head coach Randy Shannon talked about a lot of things afterwards. Read on to see what he's saying.

On today:
It was a typical first day. There were some good things today. Guys flew around, ran around. Probably the first time being out here, like we said, we're starting to be a much more mature team. We didn't have anyone go down or take anyone out of practice because of the heat, which was a positive. It shows the steps we're taking. I really liked the enthusiasm and the competition that's going on. With Seantrel Henderson, we have a plan for him and other guys who came in the last two days. They're going to go through practice and then take them out, get them accustomed to it, the conditioning. Kids coming in now haven't been here for summer training and we don't wanna just throw them into the wolves and all of a sudden they're down in the tank. Very positive everything that was happening here today.

On Graig Cooper:
Same things. Today, he went through individual work and then we took him out. Same thing with Jordan Futch. He did a little and then we took him out. They practiced, though.

On injuries:
A couple guys didn't practice today – Davon Johnson and Jermaine Barton. Those kids didn't practice. A couple others didn't because of paperwork. They'll be ready tomorrow though.

On Latwan Anderson:
That's track. It's not football. Anderson is track. I don't have nothing to do with track. He's a track guy. He's on a track scholarship. They have to walkon and earn a scholarship. Same situation with Cory Nelms. He was on a track and then he played football and if you play them in a game, as soon as you play them in a game, it automatically kicks into football. Santana, Cory, Aaron Moser, those type of guys, the same type of thing.

On the shape of the team:
I'm not satisfied with nobody. Nobody is where they need to be. We have a long ways to go to get in shape as a team for football. I'm excited about the shape we're in now because nobody dehydrated and no one went down and that's a positive so in four weeks from now, we'll need to be in great shape.

On year 4 being different from his first year:
It's a lot different. You build so long, trying to build depth on the football team. For a long time, you worry about how many guys can you keep without getting hurt, you practice a certain way. Now you don't have to worry. We have depth at positions, guys picking things up, and you get excited about those things.

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