Henderson begins UM career

Seantrel Henderson, the number one overall recruit in the Class of 2010, began his Miami career today. Read on for the latest on him.

Randy Shannon talked about OL Seantrel Henderson.

On Seantrel Henderson playing this season:
It's like Orlando did it when he was a freshman. He played a little bit early and then towards fhe end of the season he was playing the whole game. He knows what he has to get done. He's been positive, joking around. When it's time to get on the field, he worked hard today. When it was time to take notes, he was taking notes. He just has to keep doing those little things and whatever happens playing wise, he'll be OK. I was excited because he did some good things today in practice. Sometimes you take all day to teach but he did some things naturally.

On what Henderson needs to improve on:
Just the footwork stuff, coming off and understanding the concepts of what we're doing right now. When you start doing those things, then you see. Right now, that was a great start for him.

On Henderson's shape:
He's fit and looks physically fit. Like anything, big guys, it takes them about two weeks to really get involved. The first week is a struggle, the second week they feel better, and the third week they get going.

On Henderson fitting in:
You know what happened? When he came in, flew into Fort Lauderdale, but NCAA rules we couldn't ;pick him up. He had to take the super shuttle down, stay at the Holiday Inn. Some kids went to see him. Then he came over this morning. We couldn't even pick him up from the hotel yesterday. All those little things, it's good to see the players spending some time with him. He's just happy and thrilled to be here and it's good being around him. He's a good kid, jokes around, positive. You watch him in meetings, sat by Malcolm Bunche and Damien Berry last night so guys make him talk and communicate. He's been talking to a lot of guys on the team before he got here so that's really good.

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