Ford: From small town to big city

Chase Ford is a Junior College transfer from a small town in the state of Texas and he will likely play a key role for the Canes this season. Read on to get to know the talented tight end and to see what he's saying.

On where he's at on the depth chart:
I really don't look at depth charts, I just go out and practice and do the best I can and if that means I end up starting and if it means I end up playing second or third string, I'll still try to come out here and try my hardest every day.

On Richard Gordon:
Richard looks good. He's a nice guy. I like hanging around him. He has good morale and he's a nice guy to be around.

On wearing No. 9:
I wore number 10 at my Juco and it was retired here so that's my mom's favorite number.

On the offense he's used to:
We ran kinda like the same offense, pro style. We ran shotgun a little bit, under center a bit. It's kinda similar.

On being the center piece in Juco:
I wouldn't say I was the center because we liked to run the ball but in the passing game then yes.

On his family's athletic background:
Everyone in my family is athletic but didn't anyone play in college. My grandpa actually played college basketball at Blinn Junior College in Texas then at Tarleton.

On his hometown back in Texas:
It ain't nothing like this. It's real country and no skyscrapers, no big buildings. We have one red light and a couple of eating places.

On going to the big city:
When I was little, I always wanted to go to a big city and they don't get too much bigger than Miami. Dallas and Houston are big but other than that, I've never really been outside of Texas.

On what they did for fun growing up:
We just hung out and, I don't know, played a little basketball or something. We had fun by going to the nearest city, bowling or to the movies or something. It's pretty rural.

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