Figs ready for new role

Joel Figueroa has been moved from guard to tackle and he discussed that along with many other things. Read on to see everything he's talking about.

On being called names by Jacory:
It doesn't bother me. We've been called many things but it's all fun and games. It's more a metaphor when you think about it. They call us big uglies and everything.

On what they call him:
We make fun of him, too, calling him skinny and many other things but I can't think of one off the top of my head.

On hanging out with Jacory:
We all go out just like any other teammate. Everybody goes out. It's just like regular stuff. Everybody pays. We don't start doing anybody like that.

On Adewale Ojomo:
He's coming back with much more fire. He's been out for a long time and has a lot of aggression built up in him. He wants to come out and I can't wait to see him putting on the gear.

On being moved to RT:
I just took it like any other day. Coach Stoutland teaches us the whole O-Line when we learn so it was just moving over a little bit, changing my responsibilities but it doesn't bother me and I didn't think anything of it, really. I was always ready to go.

On the differences:
I can sit here and tell you that it's easy but it's a different position. I have to change my aggression and be more technical sound but I have plenty of time and we have the best defensive ends to go against so I'll be ready by day one.

On the young linemen:
We're trying to sit down with them and talk with them, trying to get their film right, get the playbook right, and make sure they know everything that's going on. We wanna keep them as comfortable as they can be around us so they can be carefree when they go out and play and not be scared.

On having a big line:
We are pretty big. I never really thought about it but we're all big and we're athletic and we can all move and run so it's a plus having that and not just being bigger.

On experience at tackle:
Just in high school but over here, just certain formations but not many times.

On being a smash mouth team:
Damien is a straight forward runner. He likes going straight, not left and right, even if you call an outside play. Everyone here is strong and fast but you have more speed than the average team, I guess. We have a lot of strong guys on the team also.

On losing Jason Fox:
The alumni is strong so Fox is always gonna come back and mentor the guys, help me out. I'll be calling him. We can only get better each year because every player develops. The longer Coach Stoutland is here, the closer the O-Line gets as a unit. We help the new guys coming in and we get better every year, I feel.

On Orlando Franklin:
We knew each out for awhile. We met when we were in high school getting recruited here. He's a great friend of mine. Last year he suddenly got thrown into the tackle spot when Jason got hurt so he understands what I'm going through now so I'll definitely go to him and ask him what he had to switch around and all that so I'll definitely go to him for some help.

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