Day 2: Shannon talks

The Hurricanes practiced on Friday morning and CanesTime was there. Read on to see everything Coach Shannon was talking about after practice.

On today:
Today was a good day. We came out and corrected a lot of things. Yesterday we had a lot of balls on the ground and today there wasn't. We showed improvement and guys are listening and understanding what we're doing as a football team. It was good because we corrected a lot of things from yesterday. As far as practice, you can't really do too much without pads on. Guys can run but you don't know if they can run. Linemen are blocking without pads. We'll be in shells tomorrow and that's the next step in getting ready for what we need to get done.

On having a veteran team:
We talked about that as a coaching staff to make sure we stayed to the grind and stay on the small things, not getting ahead too early. One thing you can do with a veteran team is you get complacent, pull back too early, you don't do the things you need to get done. We continue to stress upon the coaches, what we did last year at camp, stay on the same page. Don't let anybody have the easy way out. We need to demand more out of them, treat them with respect, and have fun in practice.

On improvement:
We saw improvement. The enthusiasm was still there and those are things you look for in practice. We practiced early today because you wanna put them in tough situations. We had about 30 guys who had tests this morning around 8:30 or 9. We went early and the whole focus was still on practice. No one got discouraged, thinking about the tests and those things. That shows you the team is starting to mature and handle a little adversity. We got out of walkthrough late last night and they came out here today ready to go.

On tomorrow's practice:
Just a normal practice. We always open up the gates for fans who have bought season tickets to see us. That's a way we can reward them to watch practice. We let everyone know if you have a season ticket, you can come watch. If you have a season ticket, let us know. If not, you're not coming in.

On the linemen:
You really can't tell because we're not in pads. When we get to hitting and everything like that, I'll be able to elaborate on the big guys. When Orlando and those guys start hitting, I'll be able to give more details on that and you can write your stories from there.

On whether players understand the competition:
Yes, they get that message. They know about the competition from each other. They know what we demand from them. Every time you come to the field, you gotta be your best. Who's gonna be the guy to step up and be that guy to lead this group or lead that group when things get tough. Sometimes your best leaders are guys who come out and show they can do it. The hump day will be the fourth day. Two days in shells, that's when you're gonna see who's gonna step up as your leaders.

On freshmen getting adjusted:
You can a guy that's not used to the competition and the banging and not used to the hours of studying and the terminology, both of them make a difference in the success of how a freshman does.

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