Day 2: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a standout defensive end for the Canes and you can read on to see everything he was saying following Friday's practice.

On starting back up:
The biggest factor is the heat. Other than that we've been working hard. Everyone is on schedule. We're all working hard as a defense.

On pads tomorrow:
That's the funnest part of hitting. Everyone is excited to get our pads on tomorrow and get out there and work.

On the D-Line:
We're coming along pretty good, just the second day. Everyone is getting back into it but I think we're right on schedule.

On playing against Seantrel Henderson:
Na, I'm on the right side.

On the DL rotation:
Pretty much just a rotation to keep everyone fresh. Everyone fresh is good for the offensive linemen. We keep a rotation pretty much.

On Henderson:
He has a big frame. He's a big guy – 6-8 and 3 whatever they said he was. He's athletic. I'm excited to see him play and see him pan out as a player.

On Marcus Forston:
The whole D-Line is looking good. We're all coming along. He's back on schedule. All of us were working hard, just getting ready for the season. We just gotta come out and execute. He's a monster. He's just a great player in general.

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