Day 2: Harland Gunn

Harland Gunn is projected to be one of Miami's starting guards. Read on to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On practice:
I look at each practice as an opportunity to make things happen as a player. I take it day by day and not get ahead of myself. This is camp and that's my main focus. Me getting better, trying to be a leader, and getting these boys on the line ready, just working as a team, it's a day by day process for me.

On the competition:
There's competition in Miami. That's why I chose Miami. The competition is intense and that's what we need. Competition makes us better. I'm glad we have it.

On Seantrel Henderson:
I can't really critique him yet. I'm not coach but he's a new guy and I'll welcome him with open arms just like I welcome the rest of them. For him, too, it's a day by day process.

On the young players:
Everybody has to earn their respect. It's no different. I don't really know too much about recruiting or whatever because I'm in college. I never paid too much attention in high school either. He's here, working, and seems like a good guy. Just like I want him to have a future here so I'll look out for him and I'm sure everyone else will too.

On his size:
I'm probably the same size. I try to condition and been doing that real hard so I'm about the same size. I'm like 310 but I fluctuate. I might be 305 tomorrow.

On where he's improving:
Just my overall game. I never feel like I'm just dominating in one area. I never wanna feel like that, like I'm cool in one area and I lack in another. I wanna increase my whole game overall so I've just been working on being the complete package. More than all, I wanna push the other guys to be the same as well.

On playing last year:
I felt like last year was my first season getting into things. A lot of older guys grabbed me, pulled me along, and taught me a lot along the way. I feel like it's my time now to step up and be a leader, pull the other guys through. The role, as a player, the main thing has changed but I've been trying to get better and I'm still trying to get better.

On inexperience up front:
It's all about accountability. We all wanna be accountable to each other so it's a whole learning process, a conditioning process. We embrace that. We don't try to use inexperience as an excuse. I don't think guys are using it as an excuse this year.

On the OL depth:
The depth is a good thing to have because we have a lot of young guys and they show a lot of promise. I see them working, see a lot of spark with them so I get excited. We're all working together. It's a real nice culture being created on the O-Line and on the team in general.

On Marcus Forston:
I haven't been able to line up against Marcus so I'm the wrong person to critique someone's game. He's had a real nice offseason of training. He's been working hard and all that so I hope he has a great season.

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