Day 2: Micanor Regis

Micanor Regis is expected to play a key role at defensive tackle this season. Read on to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On difference from last season:
Because I grew up. I got the hang of it. Everything seems like I've gotten used to the tempo so I'm able to move and think faster and able to play.

On his improvement:
I improved a lot so I got more experience. I know what to expect this year. Ive learned a lot from Coach Petri.

On Marcus Forston:
He gives great effort. He's working hard. He wants it.

On his goals for this season:
Just get better than last year.

On what he needs to work on:
Maybe all of them but I'd say the most is pass rush.

On his strength numbers:
Power clean 320. Squat, I got better in squat so that's always good. I got more flexibility so I got better there. Bench, I only went up about five pounds.

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