Day 3: Shannon speaks

The Hurricanes practiced again today and you can read on to see everything Randy Shannon was talking about afterwards.

On the NCAA investigation:
First of all, I know you guys heard about the NCAA investigating us and potential problems we have. We're certainly going to cooperate with the NCAA and looking forward to those things. It's a process you have to go through. From that point, any other questions or concerns you may have, refer those to our athletic director Kirby Hocutt and he'll answer all those questions from this point on.

On today:
Today we came out in shells. It was great to see the fans coming out. It was an opportunity for people who bought season tickets to come out and watch the University of Miami practice. It was crisp with big plays on both offense and defense. We're very excited about Asante Cleveland's performance today. The catch he made with 3 people around him was unbelievable. We did a lot of red zone work today, trying to keep working on the red zone. When you get in there, you gotta get three or seven points and that was our biggest emphasis today. We still have a long ways to go. Coach Whipple is out of town. He was roommates with Chris Berman and he's going to acknowledge his acceptance into the Hall of Fame. He'll be back at practice tomorrow at 3.

On moving guys around:
We have a scrimmage on Wednesday and after that we'll move guys around, giving a new set of guys opportunities. That's when you really have to acknowledge it. Practice is practice. When it's blitz, it'a blitz. When you incorporate everything, guys have to tackle, execute blocks, and things like that and that's when things are different.

On JoJo Nicolas:
I really didn't see too much. He had a big play today on Leonard Hankerson, which was huge. It shows the confidence he has. He's been nicked all his years with injuries and this is his opportunity to bounce back. We're excited about his chance to come back, being an older guy who can really help us out in the secondary and we'll see where he goes from there.

On the size of OL now:
I was just talking to somebody the other day about that. Back in 86, 87, the biggest offensive lineman we had here was Matt Patchan and he was about 270o pounds. 270 now is small. We go out and recruit tackles, which we've done, and those guys can play guard and center. You recruit a bunch of centers and they can't play anywhere else. They're big and athletic and very competitive. This is the first time in awhile that we're gonna have to start IV'ing guys early. It shows how those guys have worked this offseason.

On Jamal Reid and Ben Jones returning:
Not yet. One thing, it's not lip service but we really preach academics around here. Those guys are working to finish up some stuff. They have finals. Finals were the last couple days. I cant put those guys in situations when they're out here practicing and they need to be studying for the finals. Yesterday we had guys with finals so we had to get them out of here, give them three hours. Monday, no more finals. It's straight ball time so expect to see those guys Monday.

On Clive Walford:
He was like Winslow. Winslow never played tight end in high school. He was a defensive end and receiver, a guy you knew was gonna get bigger. Take a big guy like that to play tight end, in 1 on 1 matchups with linebackers, he'll be able to out finesse them and against the safeties, then he can be physical with them. Those are things you look at and you keep recruiting guys like that. I had relatives in that area and they told me about him a lot. One thing you don't worry about, they were talking about how this young man would come out and play basketball and be competitive. Everyone in his school and community liked him. We offered him and he committed and he was solid to us the whole time.

On the young TE's playing:
One of them will. You look at the depth we have, Billy and Richard, you can't go through the season with two tight ends. Look for someone to come in and help 25, 30 plays. You could have a situation like Jimmy Graham last year. You recruit numbers and anything can happen after that.

On Ryan Hill:
Ryan Hill went home. He had a problem, his grandmother passed away. He left yesterday after practice and he'll be back tonight. Guys like that, I'll support him. Tough times for him but it's tough times for us also because he's part of our family. Ryan has a tremendous job this year of working his butt off and graduating early. We're excited about him coming back. He's bounced from corner to receiver but when you watch him, he's very competitive and genuine guy. He's been through a lot of ups and downs early but you see him growing and maturing and that's my job to keep them maturing every time. I'm excited about him coming back, the team is excited, and he's excited. Expect big things from him this season.

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