Day 3: Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris is one of Miami's top defensive players and you can read on to see everything he was talking about following Saturday's practice.

On this DB group:
I love this group. It's the closest we've been because we're all around the same age. We're all around that mature age. We all take advice from each other and that helps us a lot on the field. It helps us make more plays.

On his role:
Since I've been here I started in the nickel and then I moved outside. Now when the nickel package comes in, I move inside and we bring in another corner. Outside, it's been Demarcus Van Dyke, Brandon McGee, and Ryan Hill, and of course the freshmen just came in.

On the added depth:
It's very nice. He gives you that extra depth. Ryan's a ball player, one of the most physical DB's we have out here. We look and learn from him in that aspect of the game. That helps us a lot.

On how he describes himself:
That's a good question. A lot of people ask me that all the time. A lot don't see me as a zone corner or man corner but I can do both. I like playing in mixed coverages, I think I'm very versatile and well-rounded and can play pretty much anything.

On the big game this season:
As always, we get riled up for Florida State. We love playing Florida State becxause of the hype of that rivalry and the atmosphere of that game, We're looking forward to winning all our games. That's gonna be exciting.

On the 2002 Ohio State game:
I watched it. That will be a game that's special to me. They were my second school of choice when I came out of high school. I remember that play a lot. I was smaller then but I still knew football but it felt like Miami got robbed in that game but it's over now. We're looking to start over fresh and hopefully win one of them.

On Glenn Sharpe's interference:
It's tough. You never wanna imagine yourself being in that kind of situation. You try to avoid that as much as possible. There's nothing you can do about it now.

On being a Jim Thorpe candidate:
I don't see any added pressure at all. I take it as an honor even to be considered in those types of races. I'm just happy to be here. The season has a long ways to go and things can rotate each week. I just wanna go out, have a good season, and if then end of the year I'm still up there it would be a great honor.

On the freshmen:
We have Keion Payne, Devont'a Davis, and Kacy Rodgers. They're great athletes and football players. The main thing they're doing is feeling comfortable within the scheme. Once they do that, they'll play faster and make more plays. They're greatr athletes and they can make plays on and off the field. Once they get the defense down and feel comfortable, they'll be great.

On whether they will play:
It's gonna be hard to leave one of those guys on the sidelines. All three can contribute and defense is a unit where you're rotating so much, in those games you have crunch time. You need that depth and they'll help us a lot.

On being a junior already:
It's amazing. I feel like I just got here and I'm going into my junior season already. I've matured a lot since I've been here and I'm just glad I made the decision to come to Miami.

On school:
I'm studying business right now, business management. It's going great. I wanna be an entrepreneur so I wanna get a lot of businesses created in the community and help the economy in my neighborhood and things like that.

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