Day 3: Kendal Thompkins

Kendal Thompkins is pushing for major playing time at receiver this season and you can read on to see everything he was talking about after practice today.

On today:
We had a good thing today, came out and flew around, and executed the plays. We got a lot of work done.

On which WR spot he's playing:

On the development of the WR's:
Everything is coming along good, it's been a blessing. Just being out here working with these great receivers, I've learned a lot. We're pushing each other.

On who's playing the slot:
Me, Hankerson, Aldarius Johnson, and Travis Benjamin.

On not having played much yet:
It's been pretty tough but like Coach Shannon says, it's a process. You just keep working, take it one day at a time and keep working.

On returning kicks:
I'd like to do that. My role is just to help the team out in any way possible. It doesn't matter to me. I just wanna play. I'm a pretty good special teams guy, I think. We have pretty good coaches showing us a lot. We're out here working, getting better.

On this season:
I've been waiting all my life for this opportunity. It's a blessing to be on this field every day. I look at it as a blessing.

On the offense:
I understand the offense pretty good. We're putting in a lot of work, getting a lot of work done.

On improvements he's made:
My overall game I wanted to get better so we came out here and put in a lot of work during the summer.

On what he does best:
I think I'm pretty versatile. I can play slot and outside. You can use me a lot, getting me the ball quick or deep so I think I bring a lot to the team.

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