Day 4: Jordan Futch

Jordan Futch missed last season due to a torn ACL. He's back now and you can read on to see everything he was saying following Sunday's practice.

On his current status:
Right now I'm doing everything – special teams, offense, defense, I'm running around doing all types of things like that. I'm feeling good.

On help he got:
Most definitely. I've worked hard with the trainers. They put in hard work and time. It was a hard process but I was able to come back and now I feel good.

On the injury:
It was against FAMU. It was on a punt and I stopped, broke down to make a tackle, and my leg caught and it tore the ACL. It was after halftime.

On his reaction:
I was shocked at first. You needed something different, you might bang a finger sometimes but for a knee, it was really different. Shock ran through my whole body. I ran off the field immediately and they called the trainer over.

On how he handled it:
Emotionally, when they told me it was torn after the MRI, it was a shock to me. It was hard on me. I cried a little bit. I thank God I'm back on the field now and I feel, great.

On rehab:
Rehab was real hard, tedious, a lot of work hard, a lot of squats, different things, getting the body mechanics back and things like that.

On talking to former players about it:
I had a chance to talk to Gore and McGahee and they told me keep rehabbing and keep your mind focused and learn what you can in the spring. I was able to get the mental reps.

On his current role:
I'm actually playing all of them. Coach is getting me reps at mike, will, and sam, trying to keep me well-rounded, keeping me fresh on everything.

On his preference:
Anywhere, special teams is my specialty right now. Coming back, I'm just trying to fit in and see where coach wants me. He's trying to give me a look everywhere.

On his style:
I'm an up tempo guy, never down, always positive, always look things in a good light, always trying to keep the other guys up. Let's work hard and things like that.

On his big hit vs. GT in 2008:
It was just a good play, a good special teams play. Coach Pannunzio coached it. Travis made a good run and he shook the guy real good and I came up and made a hit. It was Georgia Tech.

On having to sit out:
I think that was the most devastating part. I came in and started three games but then got hurt. It was a humbling experience before I could get a lot of starting time. Now I'm back working harder. It shows how much I have to work to get back to where I have to be.

On the tempo:
Guys are running around, flying around. Coach Shannon has these guys enthused. They're splashing around the ice tubs. A lot of guys are having fun.

On starting because of McCarthy's equipment issue:
I believe so. I think he had a helmet problem in the Georgia Tech game. I was able to jump in and I knew what I was doing. I stayed in for a few plays then Colin came back in. It was very exciting. I had butterflies with the crowd yelling, it was wonderful.

On being ready:
Most definitely. If we had a game right now, I'd go out and play. They're trying to ease me back in slowly but surely. We've had some injuries in the past so they're trying to take it slow and make sure everyone is healthy and ready to go.

On former Chaminade players:
Glenn's out here a lot. I talk to him a lot. Beason, not as much, he's off all the time but when he comes back for workouts I talk to him.

On how good they can be:
It can be as good as we want it to be. It's all on us. As long as we keep enthused and keep learning from Coach Shannon, Lovett, and Barrow, the sky's the limit.

On this year's defense:
We've installed a lot and a lot more than we have in past years by this time. Everybody is picking up on it, even the young guys so that's a good sign. We're flying around doing some good things.

On Brandon Harris:
Brandon Harris is a hard worker, real hard worker. I've seen this guy has a motor that never stops. He's very enthusiastic. He always puts in extra time. You see him out here by himself at night time just working – cornerback drills, cone drills, sometimes just running to get in better shape. He's always putting in extra effort, by himself working hard.

On Jacory Harris:
Jacory Harris is a genius, a football genius. He's really smart. He's with Coach Whipple all the time. I love the guy to death because he works so hard and he really shows us how to be leaders. He's a real leader, shows us on and off the field and that's what makes him a special guy.

On LB depth:
We have a lot of young guys this time and the depth isn't a problem. Now we're trying to figure out how to get everyone placed in the same position. Linebacker depth isn't an issue anymore.

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