Day 4: Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns is a true freshman receiver trying to crack into the rotation. Read on to see everything he was saying after Sunday's practice.

On his status:
I feel like I'm fully back. I've e been rehabbing since September so yeah, I feel good coming out of my cuts.

On knowing the playbook:
I came in the spring so right now I feel really comfortable with the playbook. I've picked it up pretty well.

On today:
Practice went well. I had two touchdown catches, some more catches, blocking downfield. I did good.

On fitting in:
It feels good. I love just being with all the receivers. We're a family and we compete against each other so it's real nice.

On his touchdowns today:
The first one was 10 yards. I had ran a curl route and the second one was a bomb, like 20 yards. Stephen Morris threw that one. A.J. Highsmith (threw the first one).

On the QB's:
They look good. All four of them can play anytime. Jacory knows the offense so good and he's smart picking up audibles and everything like that so he knows everything. A.J. knows it quite good too. He's got more ability to run around the pocket. Whipple, he's really smart. He knows it just like his dad. Morris, he's picking up the playbook pretty well. He doesn't have it quite down already but he's getting there.

On his 40:
Na. When I first got here I didn't get tested because I was rehabbing.

On his goals:
I just wanna contribute anyway I can, play special teams, get in the slot, go outside, make catches. I just wanna contribute.

On the Moss brothers:
They're very famous at Carol City and they come back all the time and practice with us. I know Santana but I don't know Sinorice. I've seen what he's capable of doing and I feel I can do the same thing.

On the keys for him:
Understanding the playbook, coverages. You have to convert certain routes so I feel like I have to pick that up.

On the hardest thing out here:
The hardest thing is staying strong when you know your body is gonna feel weak. You gotta stay at it, keep doing at it.

On this year's team:
We're coming along very well. We're all a family so everything's good.

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