Interview: Travis Benjamin

Travis Benjamin is Miami's biggest playmaker and you can read on to see everything he's saying about the upcoming season.

On his goals:
Just to get better from last season.

On if the rotation is tough:
No, I'm used to it. I've been doing it since my freshman year. If I see coming to get me out of the game, I know they're coming in to make a play. Even though we stay fresh, it's a good part on our system.

On his weight:
I've gained about five pounds. I came here at 150-something. 175 (now).

On the upside on offense:
We take it as a process and take every game one by one and do the things we need to do on offense, special teams, and defense. I think we'll come out pretty good.

On what WR's did to prepare:
The receivers go out every day and catch between 100 and 150 balls a day. We got a route tree system that we go out and run routes.

On this coming season:
I expect this season to be better than last year and better the year before. It seems like we get two games better each year. Hopefully we'll get all the wins we didn't do last year.

On competing for an ACC title:
We're taking it one by one and eventually we'll win them all and get the ACC championship and that will hopefully lead to a BCS game.

On what it's going to take:
If everybody focuses and plays as one and everyone communicates, because good communicating teams are ones that win.

On the WR communication:
Every receiver is talking and working on each other to see where the mistakes were from what they did.

On talking to former players:
We'll do a chit chat here and there. Some receivers watched what people had before and we'll go off that.

On goals this season:
Hopefully every game we go into, as a receiver and as a group, we try to make less drops and go out and play hard every weekend.

On the rotation:
I've been doing it since my freshman and sophomore year and if I knew someone is coming at me, I'll tag him happy and tell him to go out and play his best.

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