Day 5: Shannon speaks

The Hurricanes practiced this morning in full pads for the first time and you can read on to see everything Randy Shannon was talking about afterwards.

On today:
Today was our first day in full pads. Today we worked on a little goal line, short yardage stuff. It was good. We got into real tough situations – third and one. Both sides of the ball competed very well. We took it down to the goal line and got about eight plays of our goal iine work. It was a real solid performance on both sides of the ball. We ended the practice by putting it at the one and said whoever wins runs one gasser the other two. There was a lot of things happening. The defense won so it just shows you they have to keep working, keep putting them in position to compete, and keep doing things to be successful.

On that goal line situation:
We only had one play. It was a run play. We just lined up to see what we could do. I can't remember (who ran it).

On pads today:
The first day in pads always gets you excited about playing the game. You still gotta be smart in practice, make sure they're doing things they need to get done but when it's time for contact, they go full speed and everything goes at that point in time.

On Adewale Ojomo:
He's doing well, doing very good, has great hand placement, doing a great job of pass rushing. Until we get into scrimmage, we still got some ways to go. Today was short yardage and goal line situations. He's still the same, he hasn't changed, still fiery, still very competitive, and very enthusiastic. If it's in you, it's in you. You can't coach it or teach it. He leads by playing with a lot of emotion.

On experience at OL:
It's gonna take time. Like anything, you move guys and it's gonna take time. We've been throwing a lot of different formations on defense, different fronts. They're seeing it now. We've got three scrimmages to go. It's good we're making mistakes now and as time goes on, you see them getting better every time we practice.

On Joel Figueroa:
He's doing well. People don't realize, Joel played offensive tackle in high school. Once it's in you, it's in you. When we went over tackle stuff last season, Orlando was a tackle they got experience being along a little bit but not as much as they're doing now.

On who the main guys are:
We're just getting the best five as a starting point. You have Orlando, Fig, Harland, Brandon Washington, and Tyler Horn. They're the most experienced guys we have coming back so you give them a chance to execute it. Young guys, like Jermaine Johnson, Seantrel, Wheeler, that's what makes it competition instead of us saying we're gonna start all these guys at one position. We're trying to make it the five best we have available.

On the athleticism of the OL:
We're very athletic at offensive line, probably more athletic than we've been with the size. They're all athletes, all played tackle or tight end in high school so when you bring those guys in, some go to guard, some stay at tackle. You get real athletic real quick instead of recruiting guard to play guard. If he doesn't make out, there's only one position he can go to. Coach Stoutland does a great job of taking them through drills every day. In the offseason, Coach Swasey is doing a lot of conditioning with them and that's really helped those guys enhance their abilities.

On working young guys in:
It just depends on how it goes. When Orlando came in, he started off at 15 plays a game but at the end of the year he was playing the whole game. Whoever is healthy are the guys we'll go with. Maybe someone will get nicked and you see someone go in and say he's not the second teamer. On paper, we have to put it that way but on game day we gotta play the best available guys.

On offering Clive Walford before he ever played varsity football:
What we do is watch guys off film and doing things like that. I think one thing you do when you evaluate is you go watch the game to see the competition. That was a spring game against good competition and he did great things that game. He's big, fast, and made some nice catches. Like when Winslow came in, he was a receiver who could do certain things. We felt he fit into what we're trying to do at Miami.

On Stephen Plein and Gavin Hardin:
Right now they're out, probably going to be medical.

On Thearon Collier:
Nothing's going on.

On if he's still on the team:
Nothing's going on. I told you the other day. Thearon and Steven Wesley you all asked me about.

On Graig Cooper:
No contact today. He did a lot of individual work, a lot of work on the side with Swasey, cutting drills and things like that. We're easing him more into drill work. Now he's starting to bang a little bit on the sled and the dummies just to get him used to contact. As time goes on, you expect him to do contact drills next week, maybe some inside run stuff and then maybe some 7on7, not the team stuff because those things can take a toll on you.

On compared to yesterday:
The same, a lot of enthusiasm because when you get to go live, guys get real excited about it. They played with a lot of emotion today.

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