Interview: Adewale Ojomo

Adewale Ojomo was expected to play a key role for the Canes last season until a fractured jaw ended his season. He's back and ready to go so read on to see everything he's saying about that incident, this season, and more.

On whether he has put on bad weight this off season:
Na, I didn't put on any bad weight.

What caused him to put on good weight:
Hard work. Pushing myself more than ever in the weight room. Looking at things, it's just hard work.

On rust in the spring and whether it is gone or not:
Yeah, I feel pretty coordinated. I got all of those things worked out during the summer time. I sat down and talked to Coach Shannon and talked to Coach Petri about what did they see that I need to improve on and they told me all of those things and those things are the things that I worked on throughout the duration of this summer time.

On what signs are showing that this will be a better defense this year than last year:
I'm back. Bailey's healthy, Marcus Forston is healthy. We had a lot of guys that went down. I went down, Marcus Forston went down. A few other guys on the defensive line went down and we have those guys back.

On personal goals this year or whether he is just focusing on the team:
Yeah, pretty much focusing on the team. All of those accolades and things are going to come along.

On how feelings were last year going into camp without being injured before and what they are now once camp has started after missing last season:
It's totally different. I played my sophomore year. I came back and sat out a year. First of all, I red-shirted my first year then I came and played my sophomore year and played out so I don't feel like I've really been earning my keep around here. Right now I am just motivated. I want to prove to all of the fans and prove to everybody that I'm a great football player.

On how dangerous the defensive line is this season:
I think we can be pretty dominant. I think we are going to be very good.

On what area of his game he needs to work on at this point:
Mental. I need to be more mentally consistent. I think how I do mentally this season is how I am going to do physically this season. So I think I need to be mentally consistent, with a positive mindset, coming out focuses.

On whether they tested out in the weightroom:
Definitely. I benched probably 375, squatted probably 485 or 495. I don't remember what I cleaned. I'm not sure, probably around 300 pounds.

On whether the incident last year was an embarrassment:
No, it was really not an embarrassment because I wasn't at fault with the issue. I don't take responsibility for the issue. The gentleman, who I was involved in the incident with, has to take responsibility for it not me.

On how teammates responded:
The coaching staff and the teammates were there for me 100%. They were at the hospital. Coach Shannon was at the hospital. All my teammates came and seen me. They supported me.

On whether people act differently to a different kind of injury that he can gauge:
Na, an injury is an injury. If you're not on the field, you're not on the field. There are things you learn from it. We learned from the incident as a team and the coaching staff.

On what they have learned from it:
I think we learned not to let things get there to that point where a guy has to sit out all season. One of your key players, your starting defensive end has to sit out a whole season.

On whether this fits in the category of acting correctly on and off the field and whether the incident and he would fit in it, lack of discipline for a better term:
I think, in my personal opinion, he shouldn't be having to reprimand us or talk to us about things like that. Those are things we should already know as young men and not to go there.

On whether the chemistry in the locker room is the best it has ever been since he's been there:
Most definitely. I think so.

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