Day 5: Olivier Vernon

Olivier Vernon had a solid freshman season for Miami last season and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On the OL size:
Our offensive line is beefed up now, so they're doing one hell of a good job. All of them are coming together. They're all big. I know you've seen them. They're all big!

On the offensive line:
All of them are smart players so all of them get everything clicking real fast. These guys are getting the young freshmen ready. They're just all ready.

On Adewale Ojomo:
He's a non-stop shouting, yelling, he's just excited. He's always excited to be on the practice field. Even still. It boosts up then morale. When everyone gets down, he keeps our spirits up. He says ‘come on, pick it up, we got this, we're beats' stuff like that. You expect that from him. He brings a lot to the table. He brings intensity, he has a high motor. Everything he does is fast. Everything is high paced, fast. He's well rested now and he's more hungry now, more than before. I expect big things from him this year.

On the first day in pads:
The first day in pads was good. I was waiting for that. It's high intensity, everybody is hitting hard, making plays. Offense and defense did good.

On if it's been what he expected:
Everything is what I hoped for. That's why I came here.

On what he worked on most:
Technique. I've been working with Coach Petri a lot, getting off blocks faster.

On strength numbers:
I'm at 250 now. I got stronger. Squat was 475, clean 345, and bench 345.

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