Day 5: Jared Wheeler

Jared Wheeler is a redshirt freshman offensive lineman and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On the D-Line:
They're very good. I think, by far, we have the best D-Line in the ACC and they get us better every day.

On Adewale Ojomo:
He looks really good. He's a hustler. He works hard every play and he'll catch you off guard if you try taking a play off. He'll get you because he works hard every day. He doesn't slack and he's a great player. He's strong and he's a hustler.

On expectations:
We just wanna work hard, no matter what. We don't care about rankings, nothing. We just wanna play our hardest and do our best every game.

On goals to start the season:
Before game one, we'd like for everyone on offense to be on the same page. Same on defense. Everyone should know their stuff, know the playbook, and get fired up, get ready for game speed. That's very important.

On the O-Line critics:
Every year you have people graduating. Every year you have people back. We just have to have the mentality that they've gotta step up and play their hardest.

On being prepared:
Coach Stoutland will put in the best five he thinks are ready to play in the game. If I have to be in the best five, he'll tell me and I'll be ready to go.

On what Stoutland wants:
Hustle every play, chase the ball down, run downfield.

On their roles:
It's different for every guy. Everyone has their own football mentality. I've been playing guard for a year now so I'm getting used to it pretty well. You have guys like O and Fig moving to tackle. They've been playing awhile so they know what a tackle is supposed to do.

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