Day 5: Tyler Horn

Tyler Horn is Miami's starting center and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On progress:
We have five guys and a lot of really good players on the depth chart. We come out here and put all the hard work in, to practice. After the first five days, we've gotten a lot better and will continue getting better. That's the goal.

On what he's learned in recent years:
I learned a lot. I picked AJ's brain. I picked Fox's brain. Those guys knew a lot about football. I still talk to AJ. He'll call and give me pointers, how to react in different situations. Those guys were very important in my development.

On the D-Line:
There are some good players over there, a lot of good ones – Allen Bailey, Josh Holmes, Micanor Regis, and they have a lot of good backups, J-Lew. Ojomo is a fierce guy who goes 100-percent every play. They're all playing so well right now.

On what to expect from the OL:
They're gonna see a big offensive line but we're very athletic. We're not fat. We can run and that's something we take pride in. We can run downfield and make plays, be catalyst for 60 yard runs downfield.

On the OL critics:
It doesn't even phase me. We know what we got. When gametime comes, everyone is gonna see.

On Jared Wheeler:
He's coming along real well. He's one of those guys who is always on the film room. Every time I go up there. I try getting there early and he's always there 15 minutes before me. He's trying to learn a lot and he's doing a good job.

On his size:
I feel like I've gotten bigger but I've kept my athletic ability. I really wanted to focus on that. I'm still around 300, give or take.

On Seantrel Henderson:
He's playing real well. Like everyone else, we're all getting better, coming along. Every day, getting better, a little better, is all you can ask for. He moves really well, like he knows how to play football. We're trying to bring in guys who know how to play football. That's something we're proud of. It's one of the things added to our offensive line.

On relationship with Jacory:
It's very important. We have to trust each other. He's gotta know I'll be there for him and I gotta know he'll be there for me. We're always talking, meeting together, it's very important. If we're eating in the cafeteria, we'll sit together or joke around in the locker room. It's a buddy buddy type of thing.

On protecting Jacory:
The gameplan is not to let anyone touch Jacory and that's what we're gonna try to do. That's the goal.

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