Day 6: Damien Berry

Damien Berry will play a major role in Miami's offense this season and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On tomorrow's scrimmage:
I'm pumped, amped, ready to see what these guys can do. I'm ready for all the backs to show out tomorrow.

On his 2nd baby being born:
It came last night at about 7:45. It's pretty much the same thing. I've gotta up my responsibilities plus one.

On the RB's:
We gotta get the team's trust that they can always depend on the backs to get the tough yards, that this team can rely on the running back corps as a group.

On the rotation:
I don't know. You have to ask Coach Shannon about that.

On his progress:
Everything's going good. I'm healthy. It's coming along great.

On the competition:
We're all competing for the top spot. If I don't work to beat beat out Mike or Coop then we're not gonna be the best team we can be.

On this year's offense:
We got one of the best just total offenses. We have receivers, backs, the best quarterback, the best O-Line. As a total offense, I think we're the greatest and we have a chance to go very far.

On what each guy brings:
Mike is strong, powerful, and shifty. I'm powerful with a little shake. Lamar is the total package. OT is the total package but small. Storm has the shakes out of this world. All of this world complement each other. Darion Hall came in. We have guys with different talents and that's gonna be good for the team.

On pass protection:
I feel that our pass protection has gotten way better than the past couple years. I think we'll be one of the less sack teams in the ACC.

On his fall camp:
I feel like I've done great. I've improved a lot, learned a lot. I'm becoming more of a student of the game and I'm doing great.

On whether he's excited:
Most definitely. I'm just ready to get it started.

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