Day 6: LaRon Byrd

LaRon Byrd is one of Miami's top returning receivers and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On the first week:
The first week was good. It was pretty fast tempo. We were out here in shirts and pants, just running around, everyone was just getting back into the flow of things, getting ready for the season.

On Allen Hurns:
He's a very hard worker. He's coming from Carol City so he's a hard worker, very determined, willing to learn. He always takes coaching. He blocks downfield and runs great routes. I'm looking for big things out of him.

On the goals for tomorrow:
It's just to get better on both sides of the ball. For the receivers, it's not to drop a pass, make key blocks for the running backs to break through, and put our quarterbacks in position to make scoring drives. Overall, just get better on both sides of the ball.

On the competition:
We go at each other like we're the enemy. You may see a receiver crack back a linebacker. Once the scrimmage comes, there's no friends but afterwards, we're back to being teammates again.

On the WR's improvement as a group:
More maturity. Leonard Hankerson had a great year. He's a senior now and knows what it takes. Things he do can help us get to the level he's at. If everyone performs great, we're gonna have a great year.

On his improvement:
I got lighter with everything. My whole goal was to get a little quicker in and out of routes, a little quicker off the line of scrimmage.

On the DB's:
Those guys are doing great. Demarcus Van Dyke is unbelievable right now, doing a great job pressing and with his hip turns. Brandon Harris is Brandon Harris. He's an All-American candidate. You got Keion, baby Davis, those guys are doing great things right now.

On the Class of 2008 turning the corner:
We're finally gelling together. Coming in as freshmen, everyone was from different programs. We were teammates but we weren't familiar with each other. Now we have a year under our belts in the same offense and defense and now we're gelling with everybody.

On being excited for the season:
Most definitely. Every year to play football is exciting. We have high expectations this season for the Hurricanes and I think we're gonna do some great things.

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