Day 6: Kacy Rodgers

Kacy Rodgers is a true freshman who was recently switched from corner to safety. Read on to see everything he was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On adjusting to safety:
I'm just getting used to being real open in the field back there and not being able to come up and make so many plays but being back. I'm still getting used to it but I'll get it down.

On experience there:
I only played cornerback in high school, no safety.

On help he's gotten:
Definitely all the older safeties like VT, JoJo, Jared, Ray Ray, all the older guys are showing me all the ropes.

On their advice:
Probably just play fast. You can mess up, especially when learning the plays, but when you play fast you'll always make plays.

On how it happened:
Coach said I may play safety. I may play corner but right now I'm at safety. I'm just ready to be on the field.

On corner experience helping:
Playing at corner will get me better skills at free safety, like in press and cutting and things like that. Free safety will help me at corner. It all goes hand in hand.

On his high school:
I think it definitely helps a lot because at Southlake you have to be real diuscp[loined. You play great competition and here you just have to turn your game up a few levels.

On his HS against Miami Northwestern a few years ago:
I wasn't even on the team yet but I saw that game. It's cool to joke around with them and I tell them if I was a senior we would have beaten them, just messing around.

On tomorrow's scrimmage:
I've been working hard, practicing, getting these plays down. The scrimmage will be like a showcase, try to get my plays in, try doing some good things.

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