Day 6: Travis Benjamin

Travis Benjamin is one of Miami's biggest playmakers and you can read on to see what he was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On this year's offense:
The offense we're in and the things we can accomplish with running and passing, it can be a good season.

On new plays:
Coach Whip comes into the meeting room every day. He's such a smart man, it's a new route or a new running play every day. Mostly it's been new routes and new formations. It works all the time.

On the slot:
It was mostly everyone. They'll try everyone out at different spots, going full ride through it. It's just a mix. No one has a main position. We're just rotating and everything.

On his preference of slot or outside:
It really don't matter to me. Most of it is the same thing.

On his biggest improvement:
I'd say my route-running. I got more precise in my route-running, staying above the DB's and reading the DB's.

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