Allen Bailey goes indepth

Allen Bailey is Miami's top returning player on the defensive line and is expected to have a big senior season. Read on to see everything he's saying about the upcoming season.

On preseason accolades:
It's a high compliment, so I am proud to be on the watch list or what not, but it's not going to set me away from the team and focusing on this season.

On former Canes he has worked with or looks up to:
Not really. I'm my own really. I do things my way for me, I don't try to compare or try to follow other people's styles.

On whether it takes pressure off of him having Adewale Ojomo on the other side:
Not just him, but the whole d-line. Everybody is back, everybody has had some kind of game experience for the most, so not just me, everybody is healthy. If they choose to double team me, I'm sure some of the other guys will be open but having him as another pass rusher on the edge is good. He can cut the field in half himself with his aggressiveness and everything like that

On Coach Shannon saying there will possible be an 8 to 10 man defensive line rotation:
That's pretty scary. That's a lot of people and we can have that rotation, that eight defensive lineman rotation. Everybody can do the same thing that the people in front of them can do. It's competition each day so it just pushes everybody better with the competition each day.

On how hard it will be for offensive lineman playing against them:
It could be hard because everyone is big, strong, they have ability, athletic. No matter who comes in, you are going to have trouble.

On who is on his side of the line:
Marcus Robinson and Dyron Dye on my side. On Ojomo's side, it's him, Vernon, and Andrew Smith.

On whether Marcus Robinson is on both sides:
Robinson is on my side, he's left side. It's three and three.

On whether there is that much of a drop of between him and the guy behind him:
No, there's not. There's not really a drop off because everybody has their own way, their own style. It's all productive, so it's not just me, and the drop off, there's not really a drop off. If I come out, Marcus Robinson can come in and do the same thing.

On what he has improved since last season:
I feel I improved my power just a little bit, my hand fist, run game improvement, knowing my opponent more, and reading the offense more. Improving from this past spring.

On whether he is strong than he was last year:
I got a little bit stronger.

On whether his numbers have went up strength wise:
Just a little bit.

On what he is benching and squatting:
I bench like 420, squat like 585. They went up about ten a piece.

On what he ran his 40 in:
4.65, not too bad.

On what his goals are for next season:
The sky is the limit. Double it or get better, basically. I am just trying to do better than last year.

On current height and weight:
I'm 6'3 ½, 6'4 and 283.

On what he is seeing from the defensive tackles:
All around great potential, better this year, and can contribute to the team. They are working these days for the starting position. The competition is great because it all started with camp. The competition is there and the talent is there. It'll be good.

On when the last time was that he went back home:
In June or July. The 9th I believe. For the weekend.

On what freshmen have stood out:
I can't think right now to be honest with you. Hard to think about freshmen, there are so many of them. I'm trying to remember names and numbers but it's hard.

On tough opening schedule:
Last year was tough. We have to take it week by week, game by game. Keeping the process, don't go outside of the process.

On how the team has changed from last year:
The team has bonded and improved a lot. We are more family initiated, gotten closer and closer.

On passing up the NFL and if it was an easy choice to do that:
After the bowl game, you weigh on a loss like that. So I came back to the team atmosphere with the team bonding and growing, we had a very good spring so I'm glad I came back.

On whether there were any serious thoughts to going pro:
No serious thoughts.

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