Cooper ready to bounce back

Graig Cooper is coming off ACL surgery and you can read on to see everything he's saying about the upcoming season.

On coming back:
Yeah, I'm confident. I still lift weights. I haven't missed nothing. That extra weight won't do nothing to me.

On how frustrating the Wisconsin game was and his feeling on it:
That's not fair. I don't really wanna talk about that, I don't really wanna talk about it.

On how long it will take to turn it around:
Everything is a process. I won't forget my past and worry about this year.

On whether he ever thought about not coming back:
Unfortunately everybody wants to play in the NFL. I've seen a lot of good things going on around here, around this school, with my teammates and all that, and I felt like I should come back. I feel like I should come back. I got a better chance of ending it on better terms, graduating, winning the championship. That's part of the reason I came back.

On whether he is looking forward to possibly only playing the first four games and then going from there with how he feels health wise:
No. You worry about all fourteen of them.

On whether he feels almost as good as he did last year:

On whether it amazes him with how quickly he can come back:
It's dedication. That's all it is.

On whether he has heard the horror stories for how hard it is to come back:
Yeah. I heard them and I took them as motivation to me.

On whether he has talked to some of the guys that have went through the same thing:
Those guys understand the situation. They know how you feel inside because they've been through it and they know you don't really wanna talk about it. They gave me a little bit of advice but they ain't really talk about it, they know how I feel right now, about the questions and all that. I kinda talked to them a little bit, but not a lot, that's all I need though was just a little bit of motivation and they just all I got.

On how he feels about them putting astro turf in the Citrus Bowl in part because of what happened to him:
I didn't pay no attention. It happened already. There ain't nothing I can do about it.

On having so many other running backs on the team and whether that motivates him:
It's motivation. Our running back group has always been close. We've always been, since I've been here my freshman year. We've been close, so it's motivation. It's always motivation. We always stick together and we always motivate each other to do better and all that. In all aspects, school work, school, football, whatever it takes.

On how he feels about where he fits in:
Whatever Coach decides is what it's going to be. It's only right for him to play the best player.

On whether he has heard outside people doubting him:
No, I haven't heard none of that. I know it's happening, I know it's going on. People are going to doubt you every year. Somebody always wanna doubt you. It's part of life.

On whether that motivates him:
Yeah. Everything motivates me.

On what his personal goals are:
I don't have personal goals, I am just worried about the team goals.

On what the team goals are:
ACC and National Championship.

On whether the National Championship is what he is thinking about going through the rough days and and the rehab:
Yep, exactly.

On whether he is bigger this year:
I'm about the same. I'm about 205. I keep bouncing up to 205 to 207.

On whether he has heard Jacory talk at all:

On how Jacory has grown up:
Jacory Harris is Jacory Harris. He's still young to me. I don't look at him as he's growing up. He's been the same. He's the same person. He's calm. I can't even explain. It's hard for me to even explain him because he is a different type of person.

On what it's like to be competing with all of the talent at running back:
We compete at everything we do.

On whether he likes the challenge:
Yeah. I love the challenge.

On whether he has had a chance to play NCAA football yet:
Na. I watch my teammates play that though.

On who is the best at it:
I spend a lot of time alone. I don't really sit in groups and watch everybody play video games.

On what he likes to do by himself:
I'll be chilling playing a game myself. I like to just chill, watch TV, play the game a little bit.

On whether he did anything fun this off season:
I really didn't. I didn't really have time because I'm on the grind trying to get this knee right. My whole summer was fun. I had a fun summer though. I had a real fun summer.

On how the knee is holding up:
It's good.

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