Ryan Hill talks about growing up

Ryan Hill is a senior defensive back for the Canes and you can read on to see everything he's saying about the upcoming season.

On Coach Shannon:
What I feel like he is doing for this team, I feel like he is the best. He plays both roles so so well. A coach and a father figure. A lot of guys lack fathers coming in to the University of Miami but I think he plays both roles very well and I think he's just the greatest. I can't say anything bad about him. He stands behind me and everything.

On what Jacory has meant to this team and how he has grown:
Jacory is the little brother of the team. That's what I call him. He is the guy who is always happy. His spirit, I have never seen the guy down since I have been here. Ever since he has came here, he's always been a lot of inspiration. You know of course he goes through tough times, people talk about him if he has a bad game, because whether we win or lose he takes the brunt of it. It's crazy when we lose, he takes even more of a brunt of it. He's been down at times, but he's always finding a way to just come back and smile. That lifts other guys up, and other guys see that and say 'Well, we need to be more like this.' For a guy to be so young and have such and influence over other guys who are older, that means something.

On Adewale Ojomo:
Wally is a talker for one. He's kinda like me, he's a talker. I've missed that. Me missing last year as well, so we actually talked a lot about things. He was off the field. Him, me, and Marcus Forston. He brings a certain presence back. He's always going to be out there talking. He's always going to be laughing the defense up. That's something we need, we always need that. There are certain guys, there are certain rules. Guys who don't talk, guys who may just whisper in your ear that you need to do this, and guys who will yell out loud that everybody hears. He's that type of guy.

On Brandon Harris becoming a vocal leader:
Brandon's that guy. Him coming out of Booker T, I think that was his role at Booker T and he's starting to live up to that role now. One thing that we kinda worked on this summer is guys being more vocal. He's one of the guys in the secondary that's stepped up along with Vaughn Telemaque and myself becoming more vocal and even DeMarcus Van Dyke. We're a lot alike. You've got a lot of guys on this team who are a lot alike and we're starting to gel.

On health:
I'm 100%. I'm 110%. I'm ready to go.

On what he tore/injured last season:
I had an upper extremity and I tore my labrum.

On whether it happened during or before the season:
It's kinda funny. My last game, the Oklahoma game, it was an injury that I didn't even know I was hurt until we did a scope, well not a scope but an MRI. I just felt pain. There were some things that weren't going right in the weight room, so they finally looked at it and they found out something was wrong. It was kinda bothering me and was kinda hindering me from doing some things in practice so we just sat down and thought it was the best decision.

On Seantrel Henderson:
I watched his whole dilemma on tv, him trying to figure out where he is going. He's a big kid, but has a heart that's small. He's humble, he'll laugh, and sometimes you get a certain perception because of their physical look, but he's nothing what people think he is. He's just a good guy.

On being scared to go up against him:
I don't want to say scared, but maybe a little hesitant but at the end of the day I've got to get my job done.

On whether he has his degree:

On growing up a lot since being at the U:
I hated school but you can't have this without that. I did graduate with a Social Degree and a minor in Criminal Justice and I'm in grad school now. I graduated in December. I hated it [school] early on but now I guess I'm starting to love it.

On freshmen:
Those guys, listen, I think that's one thing that will take them a long way. They all do something different. One guy may have more size than the other, one guy may have a little bit better feet, but you put that all together, it's big pieces to a puzzle, and they can really help us. They can do whatever they want to do as long as they listen and work hard. You can't coach effort and that's what they all have.

On freshman defensive back skills:
I feel like all of them can come in and play right away.

On career from day one:
Yeah, when I came in as a freshman I was a character, on and off the field. You know coming in from Tallahassee, most guys are highly talented when they come here and we all feel like were "the man". You know some of us a little more than others. I think I fell in that realm a little bit, but you know I switched positions and I did some things on the field. I can't really say things didn't go how they were supposed to. Everything that I did I wanted. You know coach has always gave me a decision to make and I just made a decision because I feel like it was the best for me. It's crazy that I've been here five years, because it goes by so fast. Now that I'm a senior and I'm playing cornerback, this is where i want to be. This is why I signed my scholarship, this is why I signed my letter of intent to come play for Miami. I wanted to play cornerback here at Miami and I want a championship and I feel like both of those goals are still in tact.

On behavior off the field and looking at it as one final go around :
I look at stuff everyday. I look back on my life and my last five years, and everybody has different reasons why they do certain things. Everybody's relationship is different, even with Coach Shannon. Me and coach Shannon, we talk all the time. His level of faith in me is like I can't even call it. You know what I mean? He believes in me and he stands behind me in everything I do and for that I'm forever grateful. From the last four to five years, I think I've done a complete 180 though, you know what I mean, and I guess it comes from a mature level. Like you spend so much time doing a certain way and obviously you want change, but I'm older you know. I think may be the oldest guy on the team now. As that happens, things just get better. I've graduated already. I'll get my masters degree in December and so on and so on.

On his degree's :
Well I graduated with Sociology and I got a minor in criminal Justice and a master of art in Liberal Studies.

On what it will mean getting that degree in December :
I hate school. So for me to do that, man that's like a miracle, but it's better for my pride. Whether I go play in the NFL, go get a job, or whatever man. I don't want to leave without an education. That's something I try to tell the young guys. No matter what you're going through, even because I went through classroom problems in my early years, but you can always change. Everybody has the ability to change.

On guys coming in with that mentality:
If you come here with a scholarship, you come here with a three in mine, and that's fine because you know that happens. You have to look at reality. It can happen and it will happen to some guys, but for those guys it doesn't happen to, which is a high percentage. You know you want to try to stick by it. It makes no sense to come to this school for four years and not have a college degree. Point blank, period man. That's what I try to tell the younger guys. It's all about football yes, but you can use your education to better your football because they go hand in hand. What you do on the field reflects what you do off the field and vice versa. I feel like things are going better for me off the field and they have to get better on the field. So I'm just waiting on that.

On describing himself :
Obviously mature, dedicated. Mature and dedicated. I think those are the main words.

On up and coming freshmen:
Me being in the secondary corps, I have to say the dbs. Kacy Rodgers, Devont'a, Keion. Those guys are exceptional man. I was just telling the other guys they listen. For freshmen coming in, playing at a college level, obviously you guys were highly titled coming out of high school to get here, but you have to be able to listen and interpret what's going on because it's at a rapid pace and it's a different pace then high school. But those guys listen and I see them. They can contribute. All of them have the ability to contribute right away.

On current height and weight :
I am 5'11" 1/2 and 3/4 and 206.

On the tough opening schedule :
The schedule is the schedule man. We love it. I think it's tough every year. Especially playing in the ACC. But we're Miami. We're trained to be the best and we're trained to play against the best, but we're going to take it one game at a time.

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