Day 8: Shane McDermott

Shane McDermott is a true freshman center competing for playing time behind starter Tyler Horn. Read on to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On his weight:
I'm at 280. I came in around 265. We had a goal of 285 but we're gonna still work to that. We got a couple of new shakes in the bin and we gotta keep on trying to get some weight.

On his role:
I'm just competing, trying my best, seeing where the chips fall. I'm just giving it my hardest. I definitely want to play. I'm here to play, not here to sit down so I'm just gonna keep on competing, keep on fighting.

On starting school in the spring:
It's definitely a huge advantage. Like Seantrel and all them, they just got here seven days ago. It's kinda hard to absorbe all these plays but they're doing a great job with that. It's a big advantage getting to know the guys, getting to gel with the line, and things like that.

On getting prepared for Ohio State:
We had a practice with a bunch of speakers, trying to get us used to the crowd and I was picturing in the ‘Shoe, just hearing all that noise and getting pumped up ready to play.

On school:
Marine Biology, it's going great. We start school the 25th. I did summer session two this year. It's going really well, getting good grades.

On knowing the plays:
I'm very comfortable with that right now. Sometimes I lose myself a little bit but I'm very comfortable at that. I just keep watching film, keep getting in my head what the routine is. I'm doing pretty good with it right now.

On his improvements:
The biggest area since spring is definitely my strength and my weight. You can definitely see a difference when I'm blocking someone that I've gained a little more weight. The plays, I've gotten the plays down a lot better.

On being different than high school:
It's definitely different. The heat down here is different. I'm surprised about that, just an hour away. It's much more intense than high school and everyone is fighting for a starting job so there's so much competition. It's pretty much going to war every day.

On Brandon Linder:
We are right now. Me and him have become real good friends. We went fishing together as soon as we got down here. We're friends but we know it's a competition and we're gonna push each other.

On where he's at on the depth chart:
You're gonna have to ask Coach Shannon about that. We're not allowed to say that.

On the running game:
It's going great. We are so deep with running backs right now. When we execute as an offensive line, it looks beautiful. Damien Berry, Storm Johnson, all the running backs are busting their butts and it's just going to war every day. It's twice as intense as the season rolls up.

On the scrimmage:
I felt good. I felt really good. It was very competitive that day. We really went at it. We did about 98 plays or something like that. It felt very good on both sides of the ball. We still gotta keep improving but it felt really good.

On taking the next step:
I think we have. We've taken a huge step. Today was one of our really good days on the offensive side. We just keep on correcting mistakes and we'll get there.

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