Day 8: Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill missed most of last season with an injury and he's excited to be back. Read on to see everything he was saying after Friday's practice.

On being back:
I feel great, feel excited to be back out there. Time off is sometimes needed. I'm glad to be right back out there.

On Majurice Hagens:
I take him, help him out whenever he can. He's doing real good, picking things up fast, transitioning. It's good to have another guy out there to challenge me to get better.

On his weight:
I'm floating around 250-255 so I'm about five pounds lighter, which helps me get out of my stance a lot faster. I'm trying to shed the stomach area.

On his goals:
I'm just working on trying to get quicker with my steps, in and out of my stance, being quicker and faster and recognizing different things. I've been going over a lot of defenses that can help me out a lot more.

On getting respect from teammates:
All the time. You may not get the glory all the time but in the room, everyone on the team thinks a lot, say they appreciate it, keep grinding it out and keep banging.

On missing last season:
Very tough, especially the games we lost, the close games, like Clemson when we needed a yard and couldn't put it away. The North Carolina game, the running game wasn't hitting as hard as it could have. Wake Forest, it was tough watching us lose. Watching win was tough but watching us lose was a lot harder.

On the depth this year vs last:
It's different in the aspect of they're challenging each other. Graig Cooper and JJ were real good backs. The other guys didn't really challenge them as much. Now you have a lot of backs and it's making it harder on the coaches, which is good.

On the young backs:
They're all aggressive and they're all ready to play football. They all finish hard, work hard, they wanna learn, and be a part of the offense, doing whatever it takes to be a part of the team.

On coming together:
I feel we're coming together real good. Once we can put all the pieces together, we'll be one of the most explosive offenses out there.

On his senior year:
A lot of us are seniors and juniors. The expectations, high or low, we wanna do it for each other. This could be our last year so we wanna make sure we put it together for each other.

On the first scrimmage:
I felt we did real good. We did a lot of great things and a lot of guys were executing. There were a couple mistakes but that's gonna happen but we looked real good from all levels.

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