Day 8: Adewale Ojomo

Adewale Ojomo is a key player at defensive end for the Canes and you can read on to see everything he was saying following Friday's practice.

On the first scrimmage:
It was a lot of intensity, a lot of guys flying around, and getting better. It felt great. The D-Line, we all made plays. I remember I made a tackle for a loss. I ran a stunt inside and got the tackle for loss and that was pretty exciting for me.

On two-a-days:
It was tough. The sun was out here, very hot. We pushed through it and we all got better so it went well.

On the competition at DE:
Only two can get out there. We all push each other and the competition brings the best out of us. If you miss one day with sickness or injury, that's your spot. You gotta come with you're a-game every day out here.

On missing last season:
Anytime something is taken from you, it makes you value it more.

On who won the scrimmage:
I think it was half and half to be honest. We went back and forth. The offense came out and then the defense came back. We went back and forth all night long.

On the defense:
We installed probably 70-percent of our plays and we're executing them very well. I think we're getting very far with what we're trying to do.

On Seantrel Henderson:
I went against him one time and he's a pretty good player. The play went away so it wasn't too much involvement in the play. Malcolm is doing very well. His confidence is through the roof right now. I haven't gotten a chance to go against him. He's on the right side, if I'm not mistaken.

On ever seeing anyone that big:
Bryant McKinnie on TV but not in person.

On Henderson's development:
He has a lot to learn but that's every football player. He has a ways to go but he's much more advanced than any other tackle I've ever seen coming into college. He's very strong and he has great feet work.

On Henderson being intimidating:
Most definitely. With his size, he can intimidate a lot of guys and he can back it up. It's not only size, he can back it up.

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