Day 9: Chase Ford

Chase Ford is a Junior College transfer who is competing for playing time at tight end and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Saturday's practice.

On getting adjusted:
I've adjusted from junior college to D1. I've adjusted my blocking a little more and I've gotten a little better.

On his development:
I think I'm further ahead than I thought. I know what I can do, but I didn't know about the talent level. We have great talent out here. The way it's coming along, I'm just glad.

On knowing the offense:
Not everything but mostly everything. I'm not messing up as much compared to when I started.

On the QB's:
The quarterbacks look great. Jacory looks fantastic.

On his confidence:
Confidence goes from play to play. You just have to go out and try every play, know you can do it. It's the right mindset.

On Jeremy Shockey:
I haven't talked to him but I hope to one day. It's a blessing to be compared. Jeremy Shockey is a great tight end and it's a blessing to be compared to someone that great.

On his attitude:
You just gotta laugh and joke around, kid around, and keep a positive attitude about everything.

On competing for the starting job:
You go out and play as hard as you can and the coaches will pick the right one.

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