Day 9: Aldarius Johnson

Aldarius Johnson had a solid freshman season but slipped last season because of injuries. Read on to see everything he was saying after Saturday's practice.

On the coaches:
Coach Hill is really on us. Coach Shannon is making us run around, fly around, stay in shape, and have fun.

On what they're working on:
He's making us work on the safeties so the running backs can run on the corners to help us prepare for the game. I thank Coach Shannon for that.

On improvement from last season:
Basically, I lost a little weight and I'm moving a lot better. I'm trying to stay healthy this season so all offseason I ran routes and worked out.

On his weight:
I lost seven pounds. I'm down to like 200, 199. It's the lighest I've been since my junior year of high school. I feel faster and I can go longer.

On how he lost it:
Getting in more meals than I was used to, getting 6-8 meals in a day. I eat outmeal and some fruits and then in the evening I grab a sandwich or two and later on that day I don't eat rice or nothing after eight.

On the injuries last season:
Coach Shannon was just telling me to stay positive and keep my head up. He was on me and told me to keep going, get ready, prepare for the next game.

On his role:
Basically just doing what Whip wants me to do. If he wants me to go outside, I'll outside. Inside, I'll go inside. We have a lot of nice receivers. We got Kendal, Leonard Hankerson, Travis, it's really a lot of us. The whole group is spectacular so whatever role he wants me to play I'll play it.

On the offseason:
In the offseason I was watching certain games. I wasn't coming off the ball hard enough, felt a little sluggish. If I get to my old weight, I can probably be a lot better.

On the scrimmage:
It felt real nice. It felt good to see me back to my old self and helping this team out and staying positive.

On his first two years:
The first two years, it was alright. It wasn't what I expected but it was alright.

On what happened last season:
Basically, it was injuries. I got that first injury and that was for the Florida State game. It kinda threw me off a little bit. I sat down and talked to Coach Shannon and he told me to stay positive. After that, I stayed positive and then I got hurt again. Basically, it messed with me again and then I fought through it. I just missed three to four games.

On the WR depth:
That many receivers, they're great and they're going to make you great. It's really helping build your courage. There are a lot of great receivers so it makes you step your game up a notch. That really helps us out.

On Jacory Harris:
He's a lot stronger, put on a little weight so basically I feel like he'll do great this year.

On his goals:
Play my role and basically block the safeties and just do what I gotta do to help.

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