Day 9: Orlando Franklin

Orlando Franklin will play a major role in Miami's offense this season and you can read on to see everything he was saying after Saturday's practice.

On his progress:
Just paying attention to the little things, trying to get better each and every day. Coach Stoutland stresses that it's a big transition for me moving from guard to tackle. If we don't know what we're supposed to as an offensive line this year, nothing will work. We're just trying to get better every day right now.

On experience at OT:
It's gonna help a whole lot but I was always a backup tackle for right and left so during camp last year and all throughout the season I'd play left tackle and right tackle during practice and we have some of the best defensive ends in the country here at Miami.

On Henderson and Malcolm Bunche's size:
I recruited both the biggest people on the team so I take pride in that. I got them here.

On his relationship with Jason Fox:
It's different but that's college football. I played with Fox for the past three years and it was great because if I didn't know what was going on, he'd step in and make sure I'm on the same page. I spoke to him about four or five days ago. He says it's nothing like college and that I gotta enjoy these days. He said the guys in the league are grown men. There's no more going home to play halo. They go home to their kids.

On his expectations:
I put a lot of pressure on myself because I gotta step up. I have been here the longest, got the most snaps. I gotta do whatever I can to show these other guys. That's really why I haven't met with you guys. I've been working hard at showing these guys how to do it. I've been trying to get focused. If I get better a little bit every day, we're gonna be a much better team. Those younger guys will know how to work hard.

On whether he ever smiles:
I'm 6-7. I can't walk around with a smile on my face. Gameday is fun. Practice is fun. When you hit a block the right way and you hear Coach Stoutland jumping up and down, that's great. When you put someone in the dirt, there aint a better feeling. I'm smiling all the time on the field. You guys aren't on the field.

On the young linemen:
They're smart kids. They just gotta keep grinding. It's real hard to come in here and play right away. I did it as a freshman but I had to put in a whole lot of time. They're putting in the work. This class, as freshmen, they've been really working. They're grasping the concepts a lot quicker than last year's class. They're putting in expected work, doing what they need to do. On Seantrel Henderson:
He's a great kid. You talk about installing the whole offense in a few days and he's just out there the first two days running around like a chicken with his head cut off. You can tell he's getting it, knowing what he has to do now. I'm excited to see where he's gonna be in a year.

On his desire to play OT:
Deep in my heart, I wanted to play tackle since day one. I had a lot of fun playing time, especially besides Fox, playing with D-Mo, all those boys. It's been fun but it's a great opportunity this year to play tackle and I'm excited about it.

On the preseason hype:
We just gotta come out here and work. I'm not gonna sit here and read magazines. I don't even know whats on the news. I don't watch TV. I'm living in the dorms. Just the mindset I have, you gotta have a certain mindset. Every person is saying how good we can be but if we don't come out here and work every day, every play, we're not gonna be great. That's not a big deal, that whole magazine stuff.

On his living arrangements:
I decided to move into the dorms by myself for camp. It's a lot more focused. I go home to a little room, go straight to sleep or I look at my playbook. That's all I'm doing. Last year I was off campus. I gotta be the leader now. For the last two years Fox has been the leader and he did a great job. Now I gotta step up and lead these guys. I'm showing these guys how it's supposed to be done.

On the two freshman centers:
They look great. Each and every day, those kids are real smart. It shocks me how smart Brandon Linder and McDermott are, especially coming in to play that position. I think they can play right now.

On his 2 games at OT last season:
My USF game, I think I played pretty good. Against Wisconsin, I had a better game but unfortunately we lost. Whenever you get a loss everyone thinks you did bad. To myself, grade wise, I had a better Wisconsin game.

On living in dorms:
As far as staying in the dorms, holding people more accountable to what they gotta do and trying to show them how to lead. Like Coach Stoutland says, every year we get back in January, he looks at the seniors and says you're a short-timer here. In my short time here, I gotta show them how it's supposed to be done.

On school:
I graduate in December in Liberal Arts.

On his weight:
I'm the lightest I've ever been. I'm 310 now. I haven't been 310 since high school. I got here at 315. They sent me home that year and I came back at 345. Last year I played between 322 and 317. I think I had a great summer this year. I ran as much as I can and I tried getting in the best shape. I wanna play 99.9 percent of the snaps this year.

On tackle vs guard:
When you're going against a quicker guy, at guard I was trying to be more heavier because you're going against 330 guys bull rushing you all the time. At tackle, it's like basketball. It's mirror and dodge.

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