One last go for McCarthy

Colin McCarthy is a senior linebacker for the Hurricanes and you can read on to see everything he's saying about the upcoming season.

On playing on the inside or the outside:
My goal is to just get better, whether the coach needs me on the inside or the outside. I've played both. I have played the inside before in the Nickel, and I played outside in the base, the 43. Either way, whatever I can do to help the team out. I just want to win.

On Kylan Robinson and his growth this summer:
Since spring he has just been working hard, I say that. He has done a great job in the off season putting on some size. Realizing he's playing middle it's going to be physical. Watching film, he's done that. Just trying to take his game to the next level and the coaches are real happy with him and he has done a great job.

On whether he saw the light bulb come on for Kylan during spring football:
Yea, now definitely. I think i think he realizes it. I think it's his last season and he wants to play and he kind of thinks like maybe it took this long, but he's taking full advantage of the opportunity and as a defense we'll get better for sure.

On whether he gives Kylan tips or assistance:
Yea, I mean we've talked on just trying to help him out. Just trying to get to the next level kind of stuff. Just understanding some little things, tendencies the team might do that he might go against. It's just like hitting stuff, but he has done a great job himself just watching film, being his biggest critic, and being able to help him get this stuff.

On how hard it will be for the freshmen to pick up the defense:
It shouldn't be too hard. We've been working with them in the whole off season. Me, Sean, and Kylan, kind of being the older guys, just giving them advice. Defense isn't hard, it all kind of works its way in with each other and then having coach Lovett here for another year makes it a lot easier. So I think a lot of the older guys feel more comfortable with the defense and telling younger guys what exactly to do because we feel more comfortable.

On how nice it will be having the Miami D-Line in front of him:
Real experience, real big, real physical. Great pass rushers, great run stoppers. It will help us out a lot. Not just on defense but as linebackers with giving us some opportunity to run around and make plays, taking on double teams. The more pressure they get, it forces the quarterback to make errors and hopefully we will get more turnovers.

On what it means having Adewale Ojomo back:
That's real key. He's a real up tempo, real lively player out there. He has put on a lot of size. Big kid. We are really happy to have him back.

On being the vocal leader and whether that is a role he welcomes:
Yeah. I'm just trying to be myself out there. I think that's the biggest thing. I am just being me. Being my last year, I'm doing whatever it takes to win, and bringing all of the guys with me. Being my fifth year here, I feel comfortable with all of the guys, they feel comfortable with me being on the field. I think the biggest thing for me is continuing to work. The more work they see you putting in, they'll feed off of me and continue.

On whether that is something that has improved in his career:
It has progressed. I have learned through the linebackers that came through here before me with Tavares, with Beason, Glen Cook, Darryl, and now it's my opportunity, and playing linebacker gives you a great opportunity to do that because you work with both the DB's and the D-line a lot more. If they want me to take on that role then I'm there.

On hearing that Brandon Harris is a leader of sorts:
He's definitely. I think his play basically speaks for itself. He's a great athlete, makes a lot of plays. For him as an example, they see what he has done on the field, they see how good of a player he is, so you have to look up to that.

On what was different about Harris that allowed him to overcome struggles early in his career:
As a freshman he was kinda put in there just because we needed him. We didn't really have that many other opportunities. He's grown, he's learned from him mistakes at an early age coming in and I think he is one of the better cover corners. He's a sure tackler out there on an island. He's really good for us as a defensive player.

On defense motto or one thing they are concentrating on:
Communication I would say is one key thing, chasing the football, and turnovers. Communication is big for us, just making sure everybody is on the same page, with the calls, with the checks, coverages, who's blitzing, who's covering. Yea, I think that's the biggest motto.

On maintaining the level of intensity:
It has to come through the players. I don't think, I mean obviously the way the season is set up, every game we got to compete and if we don't we don't play at a higher level and then we'll lose. Coming to Miami, that's what we want. We want a tough schedule, we want to play the best teams, and we want the competition, and we're excited for the opportunity. As far as getting up for the game, being on national television, being in the big time program like the University of Miami. I think that's enough to get up for.

On how good can you be this year:
If we continue, we're supposed to win eleven games, so that would be a good start, but like I said we'll take it with the first game with FAMU. If we get that win, we'll go on the road and then build from that. We're excited, we've working hard, and this is a great opportunity for us to show that.

On whether they feel like they are on the verge of something special:
You could say that, definitely.

On the schedule:
Yea, I mean it's a good schedule. I don't think a lot of teams would want to be playing that schedule, but we're excited about it. I think it's a great opportunity for us to showcase what we have, what we've been doing here since I've been here for the last five years, and we're ready.

On seeing the 2002 National Championship game against Ohio State:
Yea, I've seen it a few times. I guess it was the last play I remember, it was against Glenn Sharpe, I guess, he was here my freshman year. So I guess we have to go over there and we got something to actually play for, but besides that I think that will add to it, but playing against Ohio State, and being up there with the level of game it will be, being up for the game won't be an issue. We'll be definitely be ready to play.

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