Day 10: Vaughn Telemaque

Vaughn Telemaque is one of the starters at safety and you can read on to see everything he was saying following Sunday's practice.

On being back:
Being with the guys, making sure everyone is getting that comfortable feeling, along with me. I'm getting a good vibe from everyone.

On what he worked on most:
Communication, making sure everyone knows the same plays and not just me being quiet and trying to focus on my play set and my little range of area. I wanna make sure everyone knows theirs and I know theirs.

On being more vocal:
It's a challenge because everyone has different personalities and everyone, you get it to them different ways. I try finding ways to get guys' attention. I wanna make sure we're all on the same page.

On Brandon Harris:
Brandon is about the same. He's just telling guys to make sure we rep out every play. He's real smart, a vocal guy. Those types of guys, I like to tell them look at BHarris, he leads by example. He's a great guy, smart, he's really vocal. He likes to talk to then young guys, whoever he needs to talk to. We can be the best if we all work together.

On the defense:
Defense just needs to keep going after it. We get comfortable at times and that's when a big play can happen. We need to go ahead and keep working hard at all times, don't try to slack off and say we stopped them in two downs or two series. We gotta go every series hard.

On lack of picks last season:
That's a goal. We're just looking forward to this season. Were not backtracking on last season. Last year was last year and we're gonna go ahead and fight strong, go have a great season opener, and go from there.

On Cory Nelms:
Nelms is a great guy. He's on the track team so he has that speed we can always use. He's always trying to learn everything at a fast paced so a lot of things are thrown at him. He just has to do in there and make plays. We expect big things out of him. He just has to come in and work hard in his playbook and everything.

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